enhance your jeep for off road adventures

How to Enhance Your Jeep for Off-Road Adventures

There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as taking your Jeep into the woods and roughing it through rocky, muddy terrain that puts your driving skills to the test and gives you an adventure. Of course, to do this, you need to be sure your Jeep is ready to leave the pavement in favor of the mud, trees, and rocks. Luckily, there are plenty of enhancements you can make.

Choose the Right Lift Kit

When you’re bouncing over hilly terrain, tree roots, rocks, and everything else you come across when you’re off-roading, you need to be sure that the undercarriage of your Jeep is safe from harm. This means you’ll need a 4 inch lift kit (or more, depending on the terrain you’ll be on).

In addition to ensuring your Jeep isn’t too low to the ground, a lift kit makes it easier for you to add larger tires and create an even more interesting ride. Common components of lift kits include larger coil springs, shocks, and sway bar links. Some also include upgraded steering components or extended control arms.

Choose the Right Tires

Choosing the right off road tires is important. There are all-terrain tires, mud tires, and even tires made specifically for crawling over rocks. Consider the pros and cons of each one. All-terrain tires are a good choice if your Jeep is also a daily driver, since they have aggressive tread patterns and strong sidewalls but also have low road noise.

Mud tires are excellent for those rainy off-road adventures but they can be loud on the road and their wide tread and wheelbase make them less-than-steller when driving on wet pavement. Consider the type of off-roading you’ll do, the lift of your Jeep, and how much money you want to spend when choosing tires.

Invest in Off-Road Equipment

Investing in the right off-road equipment is vital. Start with your Jeep’s lights. Adding LED headlights increases your visibility during night-riding conditions and doesn’t use much power, while UV-resistant ones are resistant to cracking. Adding fender turn signals is also a good idea as they make it easier for others to see what you plan to do during your ride.

Additionally, you can add side marker lights to make it easier to see items approaching from an angle at night. There are other items to consider as well. A roof rack makes packing for your adventures easier and a tow strap and winch ensure that you can pull yourself out of any sticky situations.

Add New Body Armour

Protecting the outside of your Jeep protects it from scratches and lessens the impact when you’re off-roading and helps keep you and your passengers safe. Add a cowl panel under windshield wipers to prevent debris from entering the engine, add tube doors that keep you secure while maintaining the feeling of an open ride, and add a grille that not only looks more aesthetically aggressive but also provides impact resistance.

When purchasing off-roading equipment, always do so through reputable manufacturers. Additionally, if you don’t know how to lift a truck, it’s important to have a professional automotive technician install all of your upgrades to ensure safety and durability.

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