What Entertainment Themes Can You Find in Online Bingo Games?

If you’ve played bingo before, you already know that this is a simple game of chance where you look to cross off all the numbers on your card before anyone else does it. The way that it’s moved online has led to the introduction of themed games based on the entertainment industry, but what do you need to know about the game selection to choose the right one?

The Basic Game of Bingo

When you visit a site such as Paddy Power online bingo, you can see a variety of ways of playing. However, at the heart of the site is the classic game of bingo in the 75-ball and 90-ball versions that most players will be familiar with. The individual games are split across a variety of rooms, with different concepts like speedy games or low-cost bingo as well as themed games based on popular entertainment franchises.

These games are designed to be simple to start with and instantly familiar to anyone who has ever played bingo before. Yet, the different rooms available mean that players have the freedom to choose the exact game that they’re most interested in. The cost of buying a ticket and the prize fund amount varies by room, and this is one of the key factors allowing you to make your choice.

The Introduction of Themes and Trends

Being online has allowed bingo to grow in different directions, as game developers have discovered new and interesting ways of adding ideas to the basic game that we just looked at. This can be seen in versions such as those based on Age of Gods slots and Deal or No Deal. The clever part of this is that the classic rules of bingo are typically used, with extra rounds or features that fit in with the theme, as well as the visual presentation.

This is a powerful way of creating new products in any industry, by adding new ideas on top of something that’s been shown to have lasting appeal. It works extremely well in bingo, as it allows you to look for a theme for particularly interests you while knowing that the underlying gameplay will be familiar.

Which Theme to Choose?

Deal or No Deal is a hugely successful TV franchise that began in the Netherlands in 2000 before it gradually spread out across the planet with different versions in many countries. The same basic gameplay was applied in each country, with players having to decide whether to accept the banker’s offer at different points. This concept has been carried across to the bingo game, with offers given to winning players.

Age of the Gods is based on a series of online slots by Playtech that have a mythological feel to them. These games of bingo are played in the normal way, based on the 90-ball version, with a bonus game at the end where the player looks to collect coins featuring the images of Gods like Zeus and Hades.

What this current diversity does is allow everyone to look for a specific way of playing that suits them. Newcomers and experienced bingo players alike can look through a long list of rooms and games until they find one that appeals to them.