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Equalpros Review: Is Equalpros Right For You?

When you are purchasing digital currency, your experience will be reliant on where you purchase it. Coming from a popular expert and professional trading name, Equalpros is a good and robust contender. They provide a state-of-the-art crypto trading platform with amazing features usually utilized in conventional investing. Is Equalpros right for you? Keep on reading this detailed review to figure it out.

What is Equalpros?

Equalpros has gone through a series of developments to become the excellent and powerful trading system it is today. The main objective was to assist traders with no programming background in implementing their own trading techniques.

What are the features of Equalpros?

Equalpros is best renowned for its striking desktop platform. It provides direct market access, auto-trade execution, and tools to traders to design, try, monitor, and automate their custom trading techniques for options, stocks, and futures. Traders are able to modify their desktops, utilizing a wide palette of shades to highlight relevant data. They can also test-drive new techniques in real-time before putting actual funds.

Options traders will appreciate free access to this platform. Users of the mobile app can customize watch lists and see charts and trends without the need to open a trading account under the preview mode.

This trading platform has an extensive assortment of analytical tools and free data. These tools provide data on the underlying wellbeing of the economic environment when considering trades that display timeframe charts for ETFs, stock, commodity futures, and other indicators.


Equalpros grants access to an array of exchanges, OTC desks, market makers, as well as other liquidity providers, thereby can lower prices which more largely reflect the market instead of closed ecosystems of one exchange.

Take benefit of an array of order forms with profound customization options.

Bringing their expertise from the world of securities trading, this platform provides valuable analytical tools not offered by a lot of exchanges.

No charges to withdraw or deposit.


This platform provides a limited selection of cryptocurrencies.

What digital currency do they offer?

As opposed to other brokers, Equalpros provides a relatively limited number of digital currencies, currently including just the most extensively traded digital currencies such as:

Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)
Litecoin (LTC)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Ripple (XRP)

Where is Equalpros available?

This platform caters above all to US residents. While this broker provides some services globally.

Is Equalpros easy to use?

Equalpros has put together an array of helpful guides to assist you in learning the ropes of cryptocurrency investment. They have thorough articles about crypto, its background, fundamentals of trading, blockchain, and what differentiates between stablecoins and cryptocurrencies.

It’s valuable information for people looking to expand their knowledge about crypto when they are only getting started.

Is Equalpros safe to use?

Equalpros has taken many security measures to ensure the security of your fund, your information, and your cryptocurrency. This platform makes use of a reliable custodian and feels it is safer to trust the security of your digital coins to an expert.

Is there a mobile app available?

This platform has mobile apps available for Android and iOS, both highly rated by traders.

Equalpros Best For:

Active trading
Options trading
Trading platform

This platform wishes to appeal to active investors, and you are able to see it in the broker’s setup. It concentrates on future trading, low commissions, a desirable quality trading platform, many technical tools, and a whole lot more. It doesn’t focus on mutual funds, bonds, fractional shares, and research.

Therefore, skilled traders tend to find a lot to like here, while newbies will need to consider if this one meets their needs carefully. They also offer crypto trading at the best possible prices, particularly once you have a considerable balance with the broker.


Equalpros is an extremely solid platform for all. Those who would maximize it are new and experienced traders. Its offerings are limited; however, its prices are relatively reasonable.

Beginners and skilled traders seeking a massive selection of altcoins would almost certainly find good results on this crypto trading platform.

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