7 Essentials You Must Have While Going For a Family Trip

Planning a family trip? Want to make sure you and your family have everything you need for a great time?! Then you must read this article.

Whether you’re travelling by train, car, or flight, planning a family trip may seem intimidating to everyone.

In our everyday lives, there are many times when we miss out on spending some quality time with our families. A family trip is a great opportunity to spend some well-deserved quality with their loved ones. That being said, deciding on the essentials things that you should pack in your suitcase can be troublesome.

You can start overthinking and imagining different scenarios that most likely won’t happen, but it is understandable considering you would want to make sure that your family is safe in every situation.

While juggling among different things, you tend to miss out on the smaller but important stuff and, on the contrary, pack the unnecessary ones. Hence, we have come across a list of certain items that you cannot afford to miss while packing for a family trip. Hence, grab a notebook and write down the essential stuff that you cannot forget in a family trip.

1. First-aid kit:

This may not cross someone’s mind initially, but having a first-aid kit with you is of utmost importance. Whether you have blisters or a cut, you can quickly treat it with your kit without wasting time looking for medicine shops in a foreign or unknown place. Many times, on a trip, we wear new shoes.

This new shoe may give us a shoe bite that will make us limp for the whole trip. Hence, again having a first-aid kit with just essential things can be very helpful.

2. Major documents:

Having your important documents like passport, visa, ID proof, etc., with you while you’re going out for a family trip is essential. If you’re going abroad, you wouldn’t want to forget your passport and visa at home. Hence, always keep them at a place where they will be easily visible, and you will be sure to take it.

Besides, do not forget to check your Visa status beforehand. Visa renewal can take some days or weeks to process, so keep them checked. Lastly, your Identity Proof is another important document that you should not forget about.

3. Water bottles:

You would not want to be thirsty on your family trip, hence keep water bottles with you. It saves you from spending money unnecessarily while also being eco-friendly. You can also take a portable kettle with you if you have a habit of drinking warm water or when you’re in a cold nation.

4. Extra bags:

Keeping extra bags will never go to waste. You don’t know what situation might come. You cannot be sure about finding any extra bags to keep your belongings, such as socks or dirty laundry. In such a situation, your extra bags will come to your rescue. So be sure to take some of them without putting an extra burden on your overall luggage.

5. Power bank:

It is highly likely that you will drain your battery relatively quickly while on a trip, considering you will be clicking lots of pictures of the locations and your family to save them as golden memories. Other than that, posting it on social media, using maps, streaming music, and other activities will fasten the draining of your battery. Hence, always remember to keep a power bank with you. Also, do not forget to charge your power bank as well.

6. Cash:

Nobody wants to get stuck with a not-working POS in a hotel or shop, in a foreign or unknown location. You may never know if your card or bank account start showing some unknown glitch that will disrupt your transaction. Hence, having extra cash with you is very important.

7. Medications:

Remember to keep your prescribed medicines with you while you’re travelling. In addition to that, it is advisable to keep some basic medicines like pain killers, motion sickness tablets, and anti-allergic medicines with you. Many people may get flu or other illness while roaming around an unknown location.


Remember to make your trip a good and memorable one by planning it carefully and packing every essential thing with you. One can never be sure about the situation they may face in the trip; hence being smart enough to pack all the necessary and important stuff is very important.