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Everything You Should Know About Scent Styles

Almost everyone knows that fragrance can influence a person’s mood. It can lift a person’s emotions and light up the atmosphere. Thus, your mood while shopping for fragrances can affect your choice. This is why you need to be in a good mood, so you will not blindly choose a non-suitable perfume.

Also, fragrances exist in three prominent notes. The base note is usually at the end, the initial smell is the top, and the intermediary smell is the heart note. Thus, the strength of a fragrance may vary with how long you have perceived it.

The Summer Scent Style

Many people live to explore during summer, with no barrier to location or fun activities to participate in. Both young, aged men and women are usually expectant of the summer season. While exploring beautiful nature, you can do it with lovely scents. Summer is also a time to meet people, so you want to make a good impression! Wear the best perfume today, and create an enticing aura around you.

It would help if you also had a lovely perfume in autumn, as it is a period of reflection for many people. People take time to analyze their success and re-strategize their lives. People are usually more aware of their environment and one’s development. There is no better time to get yourself the best perfume than during this season.

The Olfactory Families: Oriental Style

As mentioned, perfumes are categorized into the family, each having specific styles. These families are known as olfactory because they quickly pass a message to your nose organ. The ability to detect which family a particular fragrance belongs to is appealing.

Oriental styles are a popular part of the family. They have a spicy and powerful note that is not easy to wade off. It also contains vanilla, amber, and spice flavors, which are highly attractive. Perfumes are like magic; you can quickly sell your charm with the oriental family.

The Floral And Aquatic Styles

The rose, jasmine, iris, and lily smells are irresistible. The floral scent or style is for you if you love to visit the countryside. It helps you be more sensitive to nature while retaining your affectionate and gentle side. It is peaceful, making it perfect for women who want to explore the countryside during summer.

The aquatic is the ideal fragrance for citrus scent lovers, including orange, tangerine, and grapefruit flavors. Men mainly prefer the marine style because of its sporty and dynamic personality. If you also engage in several daily activities, this is a perfect choice.

Choosing The Best Perfume Style

Since there are several scent styles, you want to choose the best perfume. To make the right choice, you need first to consider concentration level. Perfumes are mixtures of absolutes, molecules, and oils. However, a perfume with a higher oil concentration is usually stronger than others. On the other hand, strong perfumes may not be the best option for shy individuals. In this case, cherry blossom and lavender are highly recommended.


Young people usually love the woody and oriental styles because of the strong sex appeal they emanate. They are bold scents with a touch of vanilla, so the smell remains calm, even though it gives a sexual personality. You should consider woody fragrances if you want an elegant and sophisticated flavor.

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