What Do Expert Witnesses Bring to a Personal Injury Case?

Have you suffered an injury because of another party’s negligence? If so, are you contracting a lawyer to fight for your rights? Many attorneys win cases when they have an expert witness to prove specific points. These are professionals in their own rights, and hold the power and knowledge to influence verdicts.

Who Are Expert Witnesses?

Expert witnesses are people who are capable of reviewing case facts objectively. They offer their opinions without bias and help break complex things down into simpler terms for the court to understand. Judges and juries rely on them for comprehension of how accidents occurred, etc.

Many types of expert witnesses exist, including engineers and doctors. Thanks to expert testimony in a car accident case, the parties who decide the outcome will be able to judge whether negligence took place and if the injured deserves compensation.

Accident Reconstruction Expert

Sometimes, when accidents happen, there are no other witnesses than the two parties involved. It then becomes a situation of he said, she said. How, then, will a judge decide who’s telling the truth? Thankfully, accident reconstructionists bring a lot to the table in this regard. They are able to determine how an incident occurred and pinpoint the most probably liable party.

There’s a whole science that goes into it, from a review of skid marks to damage on the vehicle. These experts will create a timeline of events to prove responsibility.


Aside from having an accident reconstruction expert on the stand, a lawyer may opt for an engineer to explain the cause of the event. In the case of motor vehicle accidents, they will study product design, defects, or manufacturing issues, whether for a car or surrounding structures. From there, the expert can provide an informed opinion on whether existing hazards that could have been prevented led to the accident.


When someone gets injured, they not only have to pay expensive medical bills. They may lose their ability to work for extended periods, thereby missing out on future promotions and salary raises. It’s clear that an unfortunate accident can affect one’s livelihood for years to come.

Consequently, financial loss is a significant part of personal injury cases. A judge who is deciding on compensation amounts will require testimony from a financial expert. This professional will study medical bills, insurance policies, and employment status to come up with a number.

Life Care Planner

A life care planner provides much of the same expertise as an economist in personal injury lawsuits. However, they also determine any future costs related to such cases. In some accidents, the injured party requires long-term care, specialized devices, home modifications, and more. All of these needs come with high expenses. Therefore, they affect the amount of compensation warranted.

Expert Witnesses: Indispensable Tools

While there are many industry professionals out there, few can perform well as expert witnesses. Aside from knowing their craft, they must understand the art of simplifying complex ideas for the layperson. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the best ones are treasured professionals in the legal community.

If you find yourself in a bind because of an injury due to someone else’s negligence, it’s time to seek compensation. In your search for good representation, find out if the legal firm has an established panel of expert witnesses. As you’ll see, they have the power to make or break a case.