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Seven Feet Care Tips You Should Follow Everyday

Every part of our body is special and needs extra attention. Especially our feet. They do so much for us every day and never give up on us. We wear different kinds of shoes, expose them to dust and wear them out so much.

As a result, our feet are also very prone to injury, cracks, or other signs of weariness. Corns under feet, which can be extremely painful, is also a sign of mistreated feet. All these are because our feet are also one of the most neglected parts of our body.

If avoided for too long, the cracks and caps can also become untreatable. Our feet, just like every other part of our body, need proper attention and care.

But most people don’t know the right way to take care of their feet. They don’t know how to do it. The right way of taking care of one’s feet is not just to make them look good but also to make them feel good. Do you know there are 7000 nerve endings in our feet? So in many traditional practices, taking care of one’s feet is also connected to their overall health.

But if you wonder what is the right way to take care of your feet, this article gives you seven ways!

1. Massage: Who doesn’t like a good foot massage? It can be relaxing but do you know that it can also be healing? Foot massage, as said before, is included in many holistic healing practices like yoga and Thai massage. It is said to cure many kinds of ailments.

Besides that, a good foot massage can feel blissful if your routine includes standing or moving around for long hours.

2. Consult a podiatrist: Sometimes, an old injury can have long-lasting consequences. Especially foot injuries. This is because they don’t get the proper time to heal. So, if you are someone who has a long-standing foot injury, don’t delay it further.

Consult a podiatrist who would use their expertise to heal your foot so that you can get back to your grind without any problem.

3. Pedicure: A foot faces an innumerable number of injuries – both big and small during one’s life. They bump into the edges, get stumped on, shoe bites, and more. These injuries might get better, but the scar remains.

That is why a monthly pedicure is what you need to get smooth feet. The pedicure will tend to the scars. Feet are also comparatively drier than other parts of the body. Only moisturizing it at home is not enough. That is why a monthly or bimonthly pedicure session is also essential.

4. Keep your feet covered: Keeping your feet covered keeps them safe. Since feet are so near the ground, it gets exposed to water and dust the most. This can irritate the area. That is why it is best to keep your feet covered most of the time.

Get socks and covered shoes at most times. This will also avoid injury. But also make sure that it receives some amount of air; otherwise, this tip might be counterproductive.

5. Wear better shoes: We all want to go all out while styling ourselves, but sometimes styling comes at a cost. And most times, our feet bear this cost. Shoes can be very pretty uncomfortable if the right one is not found. Also, most fashionable shoes are designed to take the life out of your feet.

So don’t prioritize style over comfort. This will also affect your walk and end up giving you shoe bites. Wear shoes you are comfortable in, find the brand and size that suits you.

6. Exercise: Do you know there are specially catered yoga routines for your foot health? Try to practice them and follow a routine even after a long and tiring day. This will allow you to spring right back the next day. Putting your legs up against the wall is a wonderful yoga posture that will help your aching feet.

7. Bedtime routine: Make a bedtime routine where you dedicate the last five minutes of your day to massaging, moisturizing, putting on heel crack cream and taking care of your feet. This will help you achieve good foot health and also relax you for a peaceful night ahead.

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