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Free College Textbooks and Where to Find Them

College students often need numerous textbooks to help them during class training and study sessions. It can be frustrating to get to college and get a long list of costly books to buy. Tuition fee is already expensive, so purchasing books is a headache for many students operating under a tight budget.

It would be a tragedy for students to fail classes because of not affording relevant textbooks. Without access to learning materials, you will not understand anything the professor is teaching in class. Fortunately, there are other alternative ways of acquiring college textbooks. You don’t have to dent your pocket, and you can also get some books for free. 

Technological advancements help to simplify the learning experience for many students. Today, you can easily download textbooks online in PDF format and read them directly from your smartphone or laptop. Whether you are studying medicine, history, or IT, you can find academic material from numerous websites.

Even if you are swamped with assignments, it is easy to contact a paperwriter while you catch up on your study schedule from your list of downloaded books. The digital world is an intelligent way of saving money and improving your overall performance. Interestingly, many non-profit organizations are developing open educational resources to allow free access to many students globally.

Save your money by getting free textbooks from the resourceful websites below.

Library Genesis

One of the popular websites for college students is the Library Genesis. It is a comprehensive learning resource that also acts as a file-sharing website. The library has scholarly journals, magazines, audiobooks, textbooks, and any academic-related articles and books. Whatever you are looking for, Library Genesis has it all. 

Moreover, you can access the website for free. No subscriptions, no hidden fees, and no paywall that restricts access. It has a massive catalog that is similar to a college library. You can search your book according to the ISBN, author, year of publication, etc. Besides, it has a fast download system with an informative home page. You can view all the search information once you open the website. 

This website is suitable mainly for undergraduate and graduate students looking for free textbooks. Though you can access numerous types of books in different genres, Library Genesis has a scholarly focus. With a detailed search engine, you can quickly get the book you want with one click and enhance your study sessions.

Project Gutenberg

Founded in 1971 by Michael S. Hart, Project Gutenberg is a non-profit organization that aims to digitize books and distribute them for free. It is one of the oldest digital libraries launched as a volunteer project. It comprises more than 60,000 e-books downloadable for free.

Moreover, you don’t need a special app to read the books. Any normal browser opens the site, and you can start reading online or download the book on your device. The site has a user-friendly interface with fast searches and downloads. 

Students can get numerous educational materials here. Literature, history, law, music, and many other subject disciplines are available at no cost. Besides, you can also get reference books for research purposes.


Mobilism is a textbook library in a modern forum. It allows users to share what they have in the forum for other people to access. The website has numerous categories. Fiction, non-fiction, magazines, newspapers, comics, audiobooks, and other academic-related books.

In addition, users can request titles on the forum if it’s not available on the site. Mobilism has a comprehensive catalog, and college students can get any textbook at the website. However, you must create an account to search and download any book. 


Today, social media platforms are playing many roles in information dissemination. VK is one such platform from Russia connecting people and books. 

It is a social media site with a different approach compared to other networks. The website has multiple languages, even though it is Russian-based.

VK allows users to share different types of e-books and learning resources. Most people love the platform because of the impressive catalog of e-books. However, you must sign up on the site to access all the main features and join the book clubs. But if you are interested only in downloading the college textbooks, you don’t need to register an account.

Archive.Org is a massive vault for internet resources and information in the public domain. It is an archive for everything in the online space. Trashed YouTube videos, lost files, and essential books unavailable in other digital locations.

Also, many students store their textbooks on this website. What’s more interesting is that you can download books in different formats from Archive. No need to waste time converting e-books to a suitable format.

Besides, college students can access uncommon books on this site and salvage their grades. It is a resourceful website offering free access to many students globally.


Launched in 1988, Bookboon is among the top-rated learning solutions online. It is a publishing company based in London, UK, with 11 international locations. The website provides free textbooks for numerous college students globally. 

It primarily favors students pursuing business, engineering, and IT-related course programs. With an appealing site and modern graphics, students can resonate well with the platform. It has a simple interface with fast searches and downloads. Engineering students have a plethora of textbooks and references to choose from.

Ultimately, college students are cautious when it comes to spending money. Thus, it is a dream-come-true for students to access resourceful websites providing free textbooks. 

The above options are just the tip of the iceberg. There are numerous other websites in the digital space offering similar services. Today, education is an essential tool for a better future. That is why many non-profit organizations and philanthropic individuals pool their resources to make it free and available for many students globally.

Therefore, if you are a college student and need to buy a book, look at the options above and pick a suitable site. Save your money and download a free book with ease and convenience without denting your pocket. 

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