Fun Things To Do During Summer Holidays

The summer holidays roll around, and you suddenly find yourself with more time on your hands. Whether you have time off from work to relax in nice weather or simply want to spend your evenings doing something fun, there is always something to try out. After all, variety is the spice of life.

Read on as we bring you some of our top tips for fun things during the summer holidays. It’s a mixed bag of ideas and activities, so there should be something for everyone!

Do A Jigsaw

Unboxing a brand-new jigsaw (or even one you have previously conquered) across your table gives you something to work towards. There is something therapeutic about sorting all the jigsaw pieces and slowly putting the picture together. Just make sure not to go too advanced if you want something relaxing – some of those 1,000+ piece jigsaws can be challenging!


It’s summertime, and the weather is fine, so take a moment in nature and get to work in your garden. Front, back, or both, there is a lot you can get done throughout a summer. You may want to redesign a corner of the garden or build a raised bed and grow some vegetables.

You may just want to plant a few flowers and keep the lawn looking trim. There are so many DIY guides online that you can do just about anything in your garden.

Play Online Games

You don’t have to spend every hour of the day outside during the summer. There is just as much fun to be had inside as well. One of the most common ways to spend time having fun is to play online games. The online gaming world is huge, with mobile games, PC gaming, and online casino games.

You could play some simple solitaire or experience the casino experience at; there is so much to choose from.

Visit A Museum

Like to get out and about? Of course, it’s summer, and we want to make the most of the good weather. One popular choice, especially if you have kids, is to visit the museum. There are many to choose from these days, from national museums to transport and sports museums.

We are sure you could find a suitable museum to suit your tastes. Just hit up Google and find something local to learn from and have fun.


Baking a cake or getting to grips with baking your own bread is something many people do all year round. But why not spend the summer learning the ropes? You can find all types of recipes online or experiment and make your own unique creations.

Many people find baking with kids is a lot of fun too. The best bit? It’s summertime, open the windows and let your neighbours get a good whiff of your latest creation.

Set Up A Treasure Hunt

Have you got a house full of kids bursting with energy? It’s time for a treasure hunt! It could be a simple hunt for a toddler or something more technical for older kids. If your kids are old enough, you could set it up and then sit back and relax while they uncover the clues to your hunt.

You could always make the last clue extra hard to give yourself a few more minutes of peace or get involved and help them along the way – treasure hunts are always fun!