All You Need To Know About Gambling In Nigeria Through Data

There are many online betting platforms for betting lovers in Nigeria because this is one of the top countries with the largest number of bettors in the world. Since Nigeria legalized all forms of gambling for all sports, people can satisfy their passion for sports and express their love of sports by betting at online bookies like Betway Naija.

Here are the statistics along with the incredible numbers on the betting in this country. Let’s find out together.

Betting Statistics In Nigeria

According to statistics, there are about 60 million Nigerians who love and participate in sports betting. It is estimated that the land-based casinos alone, the bookies bring in more than 70 million dollars a year thanks to the number of people participating in live betting.

As much as 60% of Nigeria’s population participates in betting in a day, so the number of day bets in this country has also increased and is now over 2 billion dollars.

Nigerians do not simply consider betting as ordinary entertainment. For them, betting is the fastest and simplest way to make money, so they do not hesitate to spend most of the day in betting. For online casinos, it is estimated that every day there are up to 5 million visitors and the number that the bookie earns on the internet platform is 14 million USD.

In Nigeria, casinos are allowed to advertise gambling-related products and gambling games on social networks in any media. Since the state legalized gambling, 80% of Nigerians have access to this exciting industry through newspapers, television, and online advertising. This costs a lot of the bookies’ budget, but the profits they make afterwards are amazing.

Popular Sports Betting In Nigeria


It is common to see young people playing football on any open field in rural areas and even urban towns in Nigeria. You’d be surprised how some of the most famous professional footballers started their careers on these humble playing fields. Football is popular in Nigeria with a local team, the Super Eagles, who regularly compete for national titles.

The Nigerian national football team regularly competes for international titles and many Nigerian players compete in Europe, especially in England. Therefore, it is not surprising that this is the most loved sport by Nigerians, there are many ways to bet on this sport, but most Nigerians love to predict the score or the champion. final round.


The sport is especially popular with young boys and girls in schools, as many schools organize basketball lessons. In betting, basketball is just as attractive as football, Nigerians show support for their favorite athletes by betting on their number of hits.


Cricket is a popular sport in Africa, especially in South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria. This is also one of the sports that Nigerians love to bet on and watch on television.

Those are respectable figures from the betting-loving country Nigeria. Almost all of the time the people of this country spend on betting, they consider betting as their daily job to earn money. In the future, betting in Nigeria will grow even stronger.