Guide to Gambling in the Witcher Series

The Witcher is one of the most popular game series to hit the shelves. Designed by CD Projekt Red, The Witcher game series takes players through the life of Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter who wants to find his place in the world. The Witcher game series is jam-packed with fun with a massive in-game world and abundant features.

Gambling in the Witcher Game Series Introduced in the Witcher 3

The most recent main title to be released was Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, a game which CD Projekt Red took to the next level. Not only is wild hunt one of the most played games worldwide, but it created a new way to define mini-game: gambling.

Gambling in the wild hunt is a beloved feature that combines skill with luck. When players are done exploring the world, killing monsters, or completing quests, they can make their way to an in-game casino and put their betting skills to the test.

Is Gambling in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Free?

While many associate gambling with paid entertainment, the casino in The Witcher 3 wild hunt is totally free. A gamer who plays is doing so solely for entertainment in in-game currency. This allows p[layers to go round after round and stack up wins- bringing in the big bucks.

How to Gamble in the Witcher 3

Although gambling in the wild hunt might be different than going to a casino and gambling with real money, it is an incredibly unique and fun addition to the game that players are sure to love. If you’re ready to put your money where your mouth is and start gambling, read on!

Find Junior’s Casino

In order to start gambling, you first must locate the location of the casino in the wild hunt. The casino, known as juniors casino, is located in Novigrad- more specifically, it is the 3 story building in the bits district. Players must pay a small fee to enter the casino or attack the guards to get in. Once players are in, there is a multitude of games available to play.

Gambling in the Witcher 3

Once players have located the casino in the witcher game, there are a variety of different games to play. Games range in style from strategy to luck. No matter what mini-game players choose, they are sure to have a blast.

Gwent Card Game

The Gwent card game is one of the players’ favourite games to play. Players must choose between two armies and ensure that their army is going to win. Players appear as the leader of an army, and the cards represent the forces. Players are given 10 cards, and three rows represent siege, range combat, and close combat. A coin toss selects the starting player, and the game’s goal is to win 2 out of 3 rounds.

The game combines strategy and luck into one game, and players attempt to lead their army to victory. When you play Gwent, you must be prepared to make do with your cards, as there are next to no chances to change out your cards. Players can also wager on the outcome of the game. Fans of the Witcher love this game so much that it was released as an independent witcher card game.

Dice Poker

Dice poker was the first bonus game to be added in the witcher game series, dating all the way back to the witcher 2. In this game, players are given 5 dice and must win two out of three rounds. This game is heavily reliant on luck, as there is no way to predict how the dice will roll. Dice poker is a classic game in the Witcher, and a beloved way to bet in the hit title.

Fist Fighting

There is an alternative in the casino to the other two games for players who prefer all-out battles. Players can fight with others in the casino, and players can win up to 1600 coins. Of course, in a game such as The witcher 3 wild hunt, players must be used to close combat, making this an easy way to earn in-game money.

Horse Racing

One of the more interesting games featured in the Witcher is horse racing. The game challenges players to win a single race, a challenge made incredibly difficult as players must jump over obstacles and stay on the trail.

Bonuses and Prizes

There are, of course, an abundance of bonuses and features other than just gambling and winning. There are some quests that players can complete involving the casino, such as one that requires players to kill junior. Players can also level up their combat skills by winning fistfights against NPCs in the casino. Be sure to take advantage of the games in the casino, as the payout can be massive if you’re betting right.

How to Gamble in Online Casinos

Unsurprisingly, many online casinos took inspiration from the Witcher 3 wild hunt and included games based on the Witcher in their site. Read on to learn more about the best resource for low deposit casinos and how they can be useful.

How To Choose a Gambling Site

When choosing an online casino to gamble with, gamers should make sure that the site is credible. If you can find an article about the casino, give it a thorough read. Visit the site before gambling with it, and decide whether or not the site has what you’re looking for.

Read Casino Reviews

Before you choose to use a free gambling site, read through reviews and ensure that it’s credible. Many people will share posts talking about bad experiences with an online casino, and reading through these articles will help ensure a safe gambling experience. Gamers should also check out reviews about individual online games to ensure credible sites.

Make Sure the Site is Credible

Naturally, gamers need to establish a site’s credibility before gambling with it. If a particular gambling site is free, players should visit it and read reviews. Most credible sites will also include an email check, which is another sign that points to credibility.

Read Recent News from the Site

Reading recent news about a gambling site will ensure that you are up to date on the site before you decide to use it to play. If you notice recent news that suggests a site is scamming players or that the site is under attack for sketchy behavior, it is perhaps best to pass that site up.