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How To Get Acquainted On The Internet Without Risk: 4 Nuances And Features

The frantic pace of life sometimes interferes with building relationships with society. In the modern world, the social circle of adults is limited to a work team and a couple of old friends. What about those who are in dire need of new acquaintances? There is a way out — to try your luck on the internet.

However, like any other interaction with people, communication via the internet has its own nuances. Lack of eye contact encourages unscrupulous brides4love (Ukrainian dating site) visitors to embellish reality. Many manage to create an alternative personality for themselves. How not to get into trouble?

1. Decide What You Want

To begin with, it is critical to clearly articulate your desires. Basically, people who get acquainted through the internet can be divided into four groups. Their goals are:

  • expanding the social circle or finding new friends;
  • collaboration with people with similar interests;
  • flirting and intimate relationships without obligation;
  • desire to start a family.

Analysts of a popular dating resource surveyed users, and this is what they have found out:

  • Only 14% of men seek to find a sexual partner.
  • Women are not at all interested in frivolous relationships (none of the respondents made a mark in the “Sex” column).
  • The lion’s share of users is purposefully looking for a soulmate.
  • 40% of men are set for a serious relationship and marriage. Among women, this figure is slightly higher, it is 48%.
  • 13% of men and 9% of women are looking for friends and company. This figure is constantly growing.
  • Among new users, the ratio is 15% and 20%, respectively. They are only interested in communication, but over time, a change of orientation is quite possible.

2. Choose a Reliable Dating Service

The quality of the site can be independently assessed by some criteria. For your convenience, we have compiled a checklist, according to which you can easily check any dating service.

• Free registration

A reliable portal will never charge for registration. You will be given a free opportunity to place a profile and test the functionality of the resource. Only scammers demand money without showing the “goods”.

• Protection of personal information

Usually, after filling out the questionnaire, you will be asked to read the terms of confidentiality. Do not neglect reading such a crucial document. The resource has no right to transfer your data to third parties or monitor personal correspondence. You should be able to set limited access to the profile. Often, trusted services do not allow unregistered users to view profiles. There should be a ban on indexing pictures in search engines.

• Candidate filtering

Convenient filters should be built into the portal to filter out unsuitable candidates. The more of them, the faster you will determine the preferred social circle.

• The quality and quantity of profiles

The reliability of a dating site is directly related to the quality of profiles. The abundance of fake profiles can be easily calculated by the stereotyped information presented in them. Fraudsters can’t afford to hire a large staff of copywriters to fill fake accounts or pay them big money “for creativity.” Therefore, profiles on bad services are similar to each other.

• Content moderation

Serious sites have inappropriate content tracking systems and professional user support. In profiles, you can’t post intimate pictures, animated avatars, or hide behind the faces of celebrities. In general chats, forums, and discussions, it is forbidden to use obscenities, call for violence, incite ethnic hatred, and advertise sex services.

3. Learn to Filter out Dubious Candidates

You don’t need to be a certified psychologist to recognize a dubious candidate at a glance. Just take a look at their profile. Among tens of thousands of profiles, there is bound to be a scammer or a pathological liar:

  • Exaggerating achievements is a sign of insincerity.
  • Errors in obvious things indicate a lack of intelligence.
  • As a rule, married people who are looking for communication in an informal setting hide their marital status.
  • Avoid people hiding their appearance behind avatars and fuzzy pictures.

You should be alerted by:

  • attempts to find out your personal information;
  • requests to transfer money;
  • interest in extreme sex;
  • requests to send intimate pictures;
  • unreasonable grievances;
  • jealousy in the first days of communication;
  • constant complaining or boasting;
  • rudeness;
  • desire to meet at him/her place immediately.

Reject dangerous offers immediately. Do not waste your time on correspondence that can cause you moral or material harm.

4. Dare to Turn Virtual Communication into Real

Indeed, nothing can replace live communication. Sooner or later, you will have to transfer relationships from the virtual world to the real one. Just don’t rush and agree on a date when you are ready.

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