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How To Get Citizenship In Portugal After A Golden Visa? 

Portugal is a wonderful country to live in. This is a great choice of schools, a mild warm climate all year round and a huge variability for travel. It is among the top 5 safest countries in the world, which can be felt on the streets of cities.

According to official sources, depositors of money who want to move to another, more attractive country and decide to issue a Golden Visa have the right to get a document confirming the legality of stay of a foreigner or stateless person, to become a citizen of the state.

You only need to stay in the country for 35 days. Previously, it was not entirely clear whether there was a possibility of registering the status of permanent stay and citizenship after 5 years of holding the status (based on 1 + 2 + 2 years). Today, everything is clear, and the issue is now closed.

This government immigration program opens the door to accepting Portugal residency by investment for anyone part of the family. A person who is not a citizen of the country has a full right to  get Portugal golden visa.

It gives a variety of options for the placement of capital for profit. It is mainly designed to attract funds from foreigners who wish to invest in the economy of the selected country. It is an effective, practical, and fast way of immigration, which also gives a chance to acquire the status of an EU citizen. 

How does it work?

As confirmed by real examples, the owners of the said visa can issue not only the right of uninterrupted stay in the territory but also obtain a chance to become a state citizen in case of a full-time stay for 35 days in the last five years. 

According to the expert of the company Immigrant Invest Victor Esik, most client cases have a favorable outcome. Foreigners receive a status that allows them to reside in the selected place for an unlimited period, according to the document, which is issued to confirm that they have not changed the residence region. Everything is due to recent changes in legislation. The main process condition is fulfilling the requirements for the minimum period of stay. 

When the deadline expires after the visa issuance, the person may completely relieve himself of his obligations regarding physical presence. Following the rules of Portugal golden visa to citizenship, a new group was formed, allowing the applicant to obtain documents for acquiring a status that permits residence for an indefinite period. Therefore, it is not necessary to fulfill the conditions regarding the minimum authorized period of stay. 

What else must you comply with?

To claim Portugal citizenship after golden visa, you must fulfill the following conditions:

• reside for at least 5 years legally;
• not break any laws and not be subjected to criminal liability;
• know the official language.

The duration depends on the legal status. Those who take part in the above program must live there at least 7 days per year. It will be allowed to get a local passport at your disposal in the future. It is enough to renew the mentioned card for a certain period. 


When submitting an application, you must provide:

• something that proves identity;
• paper confirming the fact of birth;
• a document that clearly states that you speak the official language at the required level;
• a certificate that proves that you have not had a criminal record;
• correct data.

You can submit such a paper to special authorities, departments of services on relevant issues, centers and consulates.

A person must purchase a non-residential or residential property, make capital contributions, or invest in a business in order to qualify for the Portugal residency by investment program. 

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