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How You Can Get The Best Sound From Your Home Music System

Listening to music is a relaxing activity for many people. After coming back from the office, most of us just pick up the remote and turn on the music as per their mood that day. However, the impact of music is more prominent if the sound quality is top-notch. 

That means you actually are able to enjoy the music more if the sound emanating is clear and loud. If you are facing issues with your home music system in this regard, here are some ways you may conquer the problem.

Evaluate the gear you have

In case your system sound quality is rather bad, you should first evaluate the wires and cables. See that all the wires and cables are in phase. Remove the speaker grillers from your home stereo system and check if there is a problem with foam rot. If everything looks great, then maybe your gear needs a replacement.

Find another digital to analog converter

Digital signals should be converted to analog signals before you hear them. For casual listening, an average DAC should be fine. But if you still face any issue with the sound quality, you can connect with an outboard DAC. You could also connect it with an amplifier that has a hi-fi DAC in it.

Check your streaming service quality settings 

It is also possible that your streaming service is offering you poor quality. However, this problem can be rectified by checking the settings. Spotify can stream up to 320 kilobits per second or Extreme quality, as it is known. In order to get the same, you will have to get into the setting and make the required modifications.

Modify your receiver settings 

Some receivers have a “Pure” or “Direct” mode that will switch off any unused or non-required elements of your components circuit. As a result, you will only receive a clean and clear sound to hear. The resulting sound would be pretty impactful. Try checking other sound enhancement techniques as well.

Biamp, the speakers 

In case your front speakers have two pairs of input terminals and the receiver’s “surround back” channels are unutilized, you could direct this surround power and Biamp the speakers. Doing this will give you four speakers to drive the front speakers, thus doubling the power. As a result, you will experience loud and powerful sounds coming out of the system.

Create a listening space

Just check the place where you have kept your music system at present. Maybe the room is quite extensive, and the acoustics are unable to support good sound. Try and create a personal room space for yourself. If there is a spare bedroom, you can convert it into your listening space. If the room is small, you could choose compact components to go with it.

Improve the speaker placement

Speaker placement is very critical if you want a high-performance output coming out of it. Wrong placement affects the accuracy, staging, and imaging of your music output. It is possible there are obstructions in front of the speaker which are stopping it from generating good sound for you. Check all the items near the speakers and make the necessary changes.

If you have an open floor plan, place your system accordingly

Sometimes the location of the music system is such that the living room, kitchen, and dining area are all included in the same. This makes it very difficult to feel a powerful sound coming out. 

In such a situation, you could invest your money in-ceiling speakers or wireless speakers. This would eliminate any scope of sound difference due to the open spaces in the room. Just keep in mind that you have placed the speakers in strategic locations, as that makes all the difference.

A new set of headphones 

If you listen to music through headphones not being able to hear correctly, it means a new set is required. Look around the internet for some solid recommendations in this regard. Since there are such a wide variety of options available in this, you could buy different sets for different purposes.

Ensure that you do not compromise on the quality as you would need the headphones for long-term use.

Change your computer settings 

In case you are using the default settings in iTunes, the CDs will most likely be burned at 256 kilobytes per second. Check how much of the musical information is being circulated during this process. You may also bump up the bitrate to 320 kbps. 

Again try the Apple lossless format, which will take only half of your disc space instead of the traditional uncompressed Wav format.

Work on the room acoustics

The acoustics of your room also have a direct impact on the quality of sound you eventually hear. If you can somehow control how the sound gets reflected off the hard surfaces and gets absorbed by the softer surfaces, then nothing like it. This could be the solution to some hard-hitting sound in your home.

Become a good listener

Eventually, if you do not know how to listen, you cannot hope of hearing good music. Firstly identify what is good or bad in the sound that is coming to your year. Doing that would help you find out the problem and focus on its solution comfortably. As a good listener, your ears would tell you what seems to be wrong with the sound being produced. Post that it only a matter of time before you find out how to tackle the problem.


After following the steps above, we are sure now you would be able to have a wonderful experience listening to music. Always remember that the choice of the music system also makes a huge difference. Do not purchase the first unit that comes to your sight, always be meticulous and only choose quality.

Research and read online reviews before putting your money in any product. You do not go and buy a music system frequently; hence a little extensive research is quite helpful. Eventually, your choice should be a combination of features, price, sound quality, and other factors. 

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