Six Unique Gifts of Wood for Him This Christmas

Not sure what to give that remarkable man in your life this Christmas? Forget the usual cheap, plastic gifts. Instead, get him a wood gift that will last for years to come. Wood gifts are beautiful, durable and functional.

Here are six wood gifts to give him this Christmas.

1. Personalised Cocktail Set

Looking for personalised wood gifts for him? A cocktail set is a great choice. You can find a variety of kits that include all the components he’ll need to mix his favourite drinks. These cocktail sets are presented in beautiful wood cases or holders to keep his tools organised.

Personalise the set by including his initials or name.

If he’s a big fan of cocktails and has a habit of playing everyone’s bartender, a cocktail set is a thoughtful gift that he’ll love using.

2. Wooden Docking Stations

If you’re looking for useful gifts made of wood for him, a docking station is ideal. You can find wooden docking stations for him in all sizes, shapes and wood varieties.

Docking stations provide a convenient place for him to charge his phone. But most wooden docking stations also have space for him to store his wallet, watch, keys, spare change or other small personal items.

A docking station works well in a bedroom, home office or even a kitchen to keep things organised. Many men like having their station right next to the bed, so they can easily grab everything they need before they head out the door in the morning.

Because these stations are made out of wood, they look great in any home. However, you may still want to consider his personal style when selecting your docking station.

3. A Crafty Wooden Gift Box

A handcrafted wooden box makes an excellent gift for him. He can store his jewellery, personal effects or other items inside the box. A well-made, real wood box becomes a piece of art in the room. He can also tuck a smaller box away in a drawer for safekeeping or to keep valuables out of sight.

Depending on where you purchase the box, you may be able to personalise it with his name or a unique design that he’ll love. In addition, some boxes can be specially painted or adorned with jewels to make them even more special.

You can also place his other gifts inside of the box for a beautiful, thoughtful presentation.

4. Wooden Handle Knife

Looking for more practical wood gift ideas for him? A wooden handle knife is an excellent choice.

Knives with wooden handles are comfortable to hold and use. Wood is also incredibly durable and creates a beautiful looking knife. Make sure that the blade extends all the way through the handle to maximise durability.

You may also have the option of personalising the knife with this initial to make the gift even more special.

5. Wooden Laptop Stand

Does he work from home? Does he like using his laptop while on the couch or in bed? If so, he’ll appreciate a wooden laptop stand as a gift.

A laptop stand sits across the lap and provides a comfortable, ergonomic place for a laptop. These stands may offer adjustable heights or angles so that you can find the perfect position for you.

You can also find laptop stands that sit on top of desks. These can be useful for a sit-stand working situation or to simply offer a more ergonomic position when working at a desk.

Make sure that you consider how he’ll be using the stand when you choose one. For example, if he’s going to use it as a lap desk, choose one that’s designed for that purpose.

6. Bluetooth Speaker

With a Bluetooth speaker, he can take his favourite music with him everywhere. These speakers are easy to use, quick to recharge and allow you to listen to music while on the go.

Whether he’s outside lounging by the pool or hanging out with friends in the yard, he’ll love being able to hear his music anytime, anywhere.

Wooden Bluetooth speakers are also beautifully designed and provide exceptional durability and sound quality.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for him, these wood gifts are a great place to start. Just make sure that you choose products made from real hardwood that’s responsibly sourced.