grip tape important for skateboards

Is Grip Tape Important For Skateboards?

Despite having an unbeatable craze in the 80s and 90s, we have seen skateboarding germinating quite high, in these last couple of years, as a favorable sport.

If you are one of those people who have stepped in the shoes of a skateboarder, well, first of all, congratulations, and, secondly, being a newbie skateboarder, it may be itching your head of whether you should allow grip tape over your skateboard or not. You might be finding colliding opinions and recommendations by people over the internet or the people from your social circle. 

Keep your stress under the pillow and continue reading the article to comprehend whether a grip tape is what you need for your skateboard. Since aiming to be as good as Tony Hawk you must know all the As and Zs of this high-spirited sport. 

What is a grip tape?

Before analyzing the importance of plaster grip tapes to the top of your skateboard, let us understand what this product actually is, and why it is so much of the essence in the boarding community. 

Grip tape is also known as non-skid tape or/and anti-slip tape. Grip tape is basically a form of sandpaper tape with one side completely chapped and crude, while the other side being utmost and life-holding sticky.

The sticky side enables the tape to be tightly contained with the skateboards, while the grainy side allows the skater to maintain a sound grip and allow proper friction to maintain credibility. The entity of grip tape is derived from silicon carbide and can come in various textures.

Why is it essential to grip tape your skateboards?

Grip tape, conventionally, is advised because it helps the boarder to maintain a certain arrested posture with the board. 

Even though it is not some sort of bounded law to add a grip tape to your skateboard yet almost every authentic skateboarding aficionado will highly recommend it. The experience of skateboarding is wild and, without a doubt, it is a fun sport. Having said that, it becomes equally crucial to take your maximum precautions and enforce security, to be able to have more flexible and smooth participation in the sport.

Especially for people who are into doing major techniques, stunts, and tricks while skateboarding, having a good grip and stationary way of boarding, could really maximize the whole ordeal. 

Make your skateboard stylish with grip tape

Now, this is the most fun part right here! Not only is the grip tape security essential, but also is a great way to provide a favorable and trendy aura to your boring and tired-looking board. Often people choose to pay good bucks in purchasing a skateboard with ultimate and fascinating designs but fail to apprehend the affordability and handiness of a grip tape, along with the glee that it will provide to your board.  

Despite the plain and dark grip tape, which is critically a vintage look, there are already many forms of customized grip tapes that you will be able to find in the market, with many types and textures of vibe and aesthetic

Final Words

So, here was your answer, and now you can relax back and learn the guide to use a grip tape efficiently, without messing it up. 

Even though one can have a mindful skateboarding time without a grip tape, it becomes a necessity if you look to have a strain-less escapade on a skateboard. Grip tape not only creates a rather smoother and chill venture but also ensures your safety while maintaining a sustainable grip while giving style to your board. 

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