The #1 Supreme Guide to the TikTok Algorithm

TikTok is the latest short video-sharing social media platform that is all the rave right now. Many of the younger generation, and even some older folks on social media platforms, love the platform. If you know how it works, it’s the fastest social media channel to go viral and achieve social media popularity.

Most TikTok users are die-hard, loyal fans of their favorite TikTok influencers because of the consistency in their content creation and the engaging content they enjoy. It’s no surprise that many users want to become TikTok creators because they see it as a fast ticket to fame.

Sadly, it’s not that easy.

Even with the right audience, you must beat the TikTok algorithm to achieve your popularity goal. In this guide, we share all you need to know to master TikTok’s algorithm, boost your TikTok presence, and rank consistently on For You Pages.

Let’s jump right in!

What Is the TikTok Algorithm?

The TikTok algorithm is an intricate recommendation system that studies TikTok user interactions and preferences to curate personalized video suggestions. When you visit the TikTok app, you see a tailored feed of videos curated by the algorithm on the For You page. This page compiles various users’ content, usually a mix of popular and not-so-popular videos.

The TikTok algorithm aims to keep more users engaged and ‘hooked’ to the platform, ensuring they spend more time there. So, the next time you just can’t stop scrolling through TikTok because all the videos you’re watching seem to be a hit, back to back, you should know that the algorithm has likely figured out the type of content you enjoy.

Algorithm-based recommendations are not specific to TikTok alone, as many other social apps leverage the algorithm model to optimize performance and improve recommendations for old and new users. That’s why you rarely repeatedly watch the same videos when you go online; there’s always fresh TikTok content to enjoy.

If you’re wondering, “How exactly does the TikTok algorithm work to achieve this?” let’s look at the answer in the next section.

Any Idea How the TikTok Algorithm Works?

The exact ways the TikTok algorithm functions are kept a secret from the public. However, through much research, social media analysts have discovered that several factors influence its decision-making process.

TikTok highlights on its website, that it recommends content to you and other TikTok users by ranking videos based on the following key data signals:

a. User Interactions

This is the number one, and probably the most important all factors, because it’s TikTok taking a cue from your behavior on the app as a new user. TikTok assesses the way users interact with videos they come across, whether positively or negatively to learn their preferences.

User Interactions

The algorithm also considers the engagement from an entire video when deciding whether to promote it to a wider audience. This means user activity like video likes, comments, shares, and follows on a video are essential in determining well-liked videos.

Other activities include clicking “hide videos,” flagging videos as uninterested, adding creators to favorites, etc.

b. TikTok Video Information

In ranking videos, the algorithm considers TikTok video content like captions, hashtags, and trending sounds. Video information like this especially helps provide context for the algorithm. Using relevant keywords in the caption, coupled with a trending hashtag or two, can increase the visibility of your content. Additionally, the trending songs used in video factors in, as they often catch the algorithm’s attention, boosting exposure.

c. Video Completion Rate

TikTok takes note of how long users watch a video. If a particular video is frequently watched to completion or rewatched, the algorithm notes that it is engaging and entertaining. The higher completion rates a video has, the better your chances of TikTok promoting it to a wider audience.

d. Device and Account Settings

TikTok algorithm also considers a particular user’s account device and account settings before pushing content to them.

Account Settings

Settings like language preference, content preference, location, and device type determine which videos they can see. For instance, a user may choose not to see content that contains graphic medical procedures or other videos with explicit graphics. TikTok respects this to ensure users enjoy a personalized experience tailored to their preferences.

Hack the Algorithm: Get Your TikTok Videos to the For You Page in 7 Steps

Now that you know how the TikTok algorithm works, you can leverage the following TikTok SEO tips to beat the algorithm and push your content to the For You page:

1 – Create High-Quality Videos

Go beyond the norm when creating videos on TikTok. Create content that is visually appealing because engaging videos attract more interactions. Your lighting, video resolution, and audio quality should be a priority as you create videos. Try the various editing techniques, effects, and transitions on your preferred video editor to make your content stand out.

TikTok Videos

Also, it’s advisable to keep your videos short, like the 55-second clip above. Create shorter videos as it is effective in gaining faster growth on the platform. Longer videos take time to consume, causing users to skip to the next video, affecting your completion rates.

2 – Keep Up to Date with Trends

Trends are the staple on TikTok, and jumping on lots of them can significantly boost your visibility. You can easily find trends on the Discover tab, then create your own videos to join the latest challenges, dances, and memes. Don’t forget to add trending audio, filters, and other TikTok effects to make your video attractive to other users.

3 – Maximize Hashtags for Visibility

Like most other platforms, hashtags help your content to rank highly on search results and become discoverable on pages. With the right hashtags on your post, you can significantly boost your follower count, as well as content engagement.


Take time to find hashtags that do well in your niche, and add them to your content. Research and use relevant and trending hashtags related to your content. Niche hashtags may not carry as much weight as popular ones. However, creating a balance as you use hashtags from both categories will push your content on wider and more targeted searches.

4 – Remember: Posting Consistently at the Right Time Works

Aiming for virality on TikTok should not be your main goal. Instead, aim to create consistently, and soon, your fan base will grow. When you regularly post high-quality videos, you keep constant engagement and visibility on your posts.

Based on your insights, find out when your target audience is most active on the platform so that you can post at that time. Early engagement on your posts signals to the algorithm that your content is relevant, so it shares it with more TikTokers.

5 – Encourage Engagement from Your Existing Community

As a social platform, user interaction on your content is key for growth. So, don’t forget to include CTAs in your posts that encourage viewers to like, comment, and share your videos. Create engaging content so that your audience will take positive action on your posts.

Ask questions, create polls, or challenge users to participate in your content. The more engagement your videos generate, the higher the chances of the algorithm promoting them to a wider audience.

6 – Analyze and Adapt Content for Relevant Users

Adapt Content for Relevant Users

Use a TikTok Pro Account to help you monitor your analytics. This gives you insight into which content formats are working and which are not. Analyze activity metrics like views, likes, comments, and shares on your previous high-performing videos to identify trends and patterns. Adapt your content strategy based on these insights to maximize your reach.

7 – Bonus: Use a Growth Tool Like CrowdHall


After all, is said and done, a little boost on your page never hurts anybody. This is what CrowdHall, the TikTok growth platform, helps with. Crowdhall will take you to the top on Tiktok with a growth service that helps TikTokers grow fast engagement on their account to build social proof.

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Visit the CrowdHall website, choose your package, pay, and watch the engagement stream, helping your work look credible and attract more users quickly.

FAQs About the TikTok Algorithm

Still, need more details on the TikTok algorithm? Let’s answer a few more questions people ask below:

Can Anyone Have a Viral Video on TikTok?

The answer is “Yes,” even if you have a low amount of followers, your video can go viral on TikTok. The ranking factors that affect the virality of your post do not include the number of your followers. Instead, the quality of your content, and how many people find it interesting, will determine whether you go viral or not.

Why Won’t TikTok Algorithm Recommend My Content?

There are a few reasons why TikTok may choose to refrain from recommending your content to app users. These may affect your content showing up on the For You Page. They include:

  • When plenty of users mark your content as “not interested”
  • When your content is marked as spam
  • When you post duplicate content
  • When your content may compromise people’s safety

Read the TikTok community guidelines to stay updated with TikTok policies and keep your content algorithm-friendly.

Is it Safe to Buy Social Media Services?

Absolutely, yes.

According to Entrepreneur’s late articles, you can buy YouTube subscribers/views/likes, TikTok views/followers/likes, Instagram followers/views/likes, and many more.