6 Benefits Of Having A Tutor

One of the major responsibilities of being a parent is to make sure that your child gets the best education. You may enroll them in the best school, but there’s no assurance if they’ll be given proper attention and guidance throughout their academic journey.

If a student struggles in school, it’s not something to ignore because it may lead to learning disabilities and social problems later on. Hence, a good way to deal with this is to hire a tutor that can best cater to the personal needs of your child.

In reality, some parents tend to avoid tutors because they think that their services are unnecessary. After all, teachers are already doing the main job of teaching their children with lessons in the appropriate curriculum. It may be true, but there are still benefits of having a tutor, and here are some of them:

1. Assures One-On-One Attention

In a classroom setting, there are about 30 to 40 students in one class, and it’s expected that all of them learn at the same pace. It’s a challenge for a teacher to cater to each student’s learning needs because of the student-teacher ratio and lack of time. With this, it can’t be avoided that some students will be left behind.

Hiring a tutor, on the other hand, ensures that your child gets individualized attention—especially that a students’ learning style isn’t one-size-fits-all.

What’s good about having a tutor is that they can modify their teaching methods based on the student’s learning style and progress. If the student has a learning problem or is struggling to understand a specific subject or topic that was already covered in school, then hiring a tutor is the best thing to do.

2. Improves Academic Performance

If the student has a problem in a specific subject matter, the tutor will give activities to gauge their skills. They also aim to prepare the student for upcoming exams or provide guidance to ensure that they won’t be left behind in their lessons.

The main benefit of having a tutor is that they’ll focus on improving the weaknesses of the student by being hands-on in finding strategies to improve their understanding and overall academic performance.

One of the reasons why some students fail is that when they can’t understand the lessons, and they don’t have the courage to ask questions for fear that they’ll be embarrassed. So, a tutor helps address this issue to ensure that all learning obstacles are dealt with timely.

In the classroom, teachers base what they teach on the lesson plan, but a tutor can teach lessons that aren’t based on a rigid syllabus. This way, lessons can focus on topics that the child is having difficulties with, including topics that can enhance self-development.

3. Improves Overall Attitude Towards Learning and School

The motivation of a student is greatly affected by their school performance. If the student is failing or is having a hard time coping with lessons, there’s a possibility that they’ll easily be discouraged from exerting more effort in studying. With this, a personal tutor’s responsibility is to make learning fun to boost the student’s interest.

A great way for a student to improve their attitude towards learning is by setting a goal or objective to attain it—such as passing exams, being included on the honor list, or attaining a specific rating— and this is where a tutor can help them achieve it.having a tutor

4. Boost Self-Esteem and Confidence

When a student isn’t doing well in school, their self-esteem and confidence are usually affected. A tutor’s responsibility is to provide resources based on the skills they have to improve academically. A way for them to boost self-esteem and confidence is by acknowledging their achievements and even their small efforts in excelling in school. With this, the student will feel that their determination and progress are recognized.

A tutor gives the student opportunities to be creative and come out of their shell. Their optimism encourages the can-do attitude for the student to learn how to take responsibility for their studies. Gaining self-esteem and confidence are important aspects that can help a student achieve academic success.

No matter how smart a student is, if they don’t have the courage to step up and be confident with their skills, then it would greatly affect how they perform in school.

5. Helps Cultivate An Effective Study Habit

An effective way to achieve academic success is through developing a study habit. Tutors not only encourage the student to improve their attitude towards learning, but they also help find a long-term plan that can benefit the student even if they are no longer of service. Through finding an effective study habit, procrastination is avoided.

From a tutor’s point of view, finding a distraction-free environment, instilling time management, and setting a daily or weekly study routine is the best way to discover an effective study habit to improve performance at school. Whether the student is a visual learner, an auditory learner, or a hands-on learner, the tutor will help find the suitable learning style to make comprehension easier.

6. It’s Flexible and Convenient

Busy parents who don’t have time to help their children with homework and follow up school lessons usually hire tutors to do the work for them, making it a convenient way to ensure that their child’s school performance is still monitored. Hiring a tutor is a flexible option because there’s no required time for them to do the session.

The time allotted for their sessions would depend on the availability and preference of the student. Tutoring sessions are usually done at home, where it’s a comfortable environment for the student to learn best. Having a tutor gives the parents peace of mind, taking comfort in the fact that every academic lesson is handled by a trained individual.

Final Thoughts

It’s believed that tutoring is the key to improve the student’s academic performance, self-esteem, confidence, and attitude towards learning. Having a tutor may entail additional costs, but it has benefits not just for the student, but also the parents as well.

To ensure that hiring a tutor is beneficial, it’s important to choose the one that isn’t only after the payment but also has a genuine concern for the welfare of the student.