Best Henley Shirts For Fall

Henley shirts are that perfect blend of comfort and style, and they’re the ideal base for almost any fall outfit.

With the seasons changing, most of us are looking to upgrade our wardrobes with at least a couple of new pieces, and in our humble opinion, a Henley should be on everyone’s shopping list.

It’s super versatile, you can wear it for work and grabbing beers with the guys, and it’s very easy to style.

Here are the best Henley shirts for fall 2021.

What is a Henley shirt?

Before we get into our favourites, let’s shortly recap what a Henley is for those unfamiliar.

In short, Henley is a collarless tee with a button placket. In a way, it’s similar to a Polo, but the difference is that Henleys are made from softer fabric (cotton, polyester, wool or cashmere).

They look great on their own or as a base for your blazer, cardigan or sweater. Henleys can be both short and long-sleeved.

The best Henley shirts for fall

The fall season is notorious for its changing temperatures. One moment you’re freezing, the other you’re baking in the sun. That’s why we recommend stocking up on both short and long-sleeve Henleys.

Here are our favourites.

Ultrasoft Short-Sleeve Henley Shirt from Untuckit

As the name indicates, this tee is super soft and, therefore, comfortable.

Made from luxe Pima cotton (fancy), it keeps its shape even after multiple washes, and its fit is flattering for most body types. It’s that perfect middle of showing off your shape yet allowing your body to breathe.

This Henley is also great for layering as it’s slightly shorter than the usual shirt length.

Convoy Merino Short-Sleeve Henley from Olivers Apparel

Made from 100% Merino wool, this short-sleeve Henley is incredibly soft and has that luxurious feel to it. It’s casual enough for a relaxed weekend but paired with chinos, loafers, and a blazer will look great for a work lunch too.

Light yet durable Convoy Merino Short-Sleeve Henley is a little bit on the pricey side, but you can treat yourself once in a while, right?

The Fundamental Long Sleeve Henley from Lululemon

The Lululemon brand can be divisive sometimes, but in this case, they more than deliver. The long-sleeve Henley is made from soft Pima cotton and has elastane in the mix for that comfortable stretch.

The brand also uses its famous abrasion-resistant and anti-stink technologies for a durable tee that you won’t need to wash that often.

This technology comes in super handy when that fall sun hits you, and you start sweating without even moving. It keeps the stinky bacteria away, leaving you fresh and clean! Let’s grab a couple!

Men’s Long-Sleeved Organic Cotton Lightweight Henley Pullover by Patagonia

If you’re looking for a shirt for your fall weekend hikes that’s not too tight, Patagonias long-sleeved Henley Pullover is your best choice.

It’s loose yet not baggy and looks great with jeans, cargo pants, sneakers, or hiking boots.

As always, Patagonia uses organic cotton, and the tee is fair trade sewn.

Waffle Long-Sleeve Henley by Uniqlo

Uniqlo does a great job combining comfort and style, and these Henleys are no exception. They offer a relaxed, roomy fit and are the perfect choice for your everyday casual attire.

And because Uniqlo is known for quality for a good price, these tees fly off the shelves pretty quickly, so make sure you stock up when you have the chance!

Pima Curved Hem Henley by Buck Mason

We love this tightly knit, lightweight, 100% Pima cotton long-sleeve Henley with a curved hem.

Made from the supersoft-spun Pima cotton, this tee is lighter than traditional versions, and it’s very breathable, which we love for layering.

Buck Mason is also very proud of its signature curved hem that elongates the torso and makes you look taller and slimmer. Who doesn’t want that?

It’s available in 7 earthy colours that are perfect for your fall wardrobe upgrade.

Henleys by Fresh Clean Tees

Fresh Clean Tees are known for their t-shirt subscription service and their high-quality yet affordable clothing.

Their short sleeve Henleys by Fresh Clean Tees are as soft as you can imagine, and you can get either single items, three-packs or subscribe to a delivery.

Available in 6 must-have colours, these Henleys will quickly become your favourite staple.

Men’s Long-sleeve Terry Henley by The North Face

While The North Face is more known for its parkas and outdoor gear, don’t forget they offer some great wardrobe staples, too (and you don’t have to be an outdoorsman to enjoy them).

This long-sleeve midweight French terry Henley gives your just the right amount of warmth for the unpredictable autumn days. It’s also super comfortable as it’s stretchy and soft.

Two-Layer River Driver’s Traditional Fit Henley by L.L. Bean

This is one of our favourite Henleys for cooler days. It’s made from cotton, merino wool and nylon blend and features a chill-stopping dual-layer construction – so cold and wet stay out and warmth stays in.

Roomy and relaxed, this Henly makes us feel like real men who fish and chop wood. But even if you don’t do any of those things, you’ll love the tee for walks in the park or lounging in front of the TV!