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DIY Don’ts! 7 Home DIY Projects To Avoid at All Costs

44% of Americans prefer doing their own DIY projects instead of hiring professionals. While this can save you money, it can be a bad decision in many cases.

There’s a reason why people are specialists in home improvement projects: they’re trained and experienced, while you aren’t. So if you want to do home DIY projects because you think you’re handy, think again. These endeavors can result in costly mistakes that you’ll need to spend more on to get fixed by professionals.

Curious about which DIY projects for your home should be left to the experts? Then keep reading to see seven of them.

1. Tree Trimming

Tree trimming and cutting may seem like a simple enough job. Large trees need a whack here and there, and you’re set, right? Well, there’s lots that can go wrong if you do this yourself.

For one, there are a variety of trees, and they all have their own care requirements. If you don’t cut them in the right places, you can ruin their health and cause them to get diseases and pests more easily; this can lead to their death. In addition, they might not grow as normal if you don’t cut them correctly, which results in stunted growth and ugly aesthetics.

Plus, tree trimming and cutting are more dangerous than you think. Getting just a few feet up in the air can end up in an injurious tumble, and you might get bumps, bruises, cuts, and broken bones.

And if you don’t cut the tree limbs right, they can fall onto people, animals, your house, and electrical lines. Not only does this result in dangerous situations, but also damage.

2. Roof Repairs

You might think that replacing a few shingles as a DIY home task isn’t a big deal, but it’s still hazardous. You need to climb onto the roof and get your tools up there too. If you fall off, you can get seriously hurt or even die.

Not to mention, if there’s a bigger issue with your roof, you won’t have the expertise to know what the problem’s source is and how to fix it efficiently. There’s a good chance that you’ll make things worse instead of better.

Having a professional roofer or builder take care of your roof repairs is the better route.

3. Plumbing Projects

Water and pipes seem simple to the average homeowner; all you have to do is ensure that water doesn’t leak and that it comes out when you need it to. And it’s true that you can do simple home DIY fixes, such as replacing a tap or showerhead.

However, if you’ve found a leak somewhere or want to redo your plumbing, make sure you get the professionals in. Using a handyman service will save you some trouble and water damage, as these experts will know what to do without flooding your home.

4. Electrical Repairs or Installations

Working with electricity is definitely hazardous, so don’t think about doing electrical repairs or installations on your own. At the most, you can replace light bulbs or install some fixtures, but again, even the latter is better done by pros.

If your home’s electrical system needs to be updated or upgraded, then don’t DIY things! Not only can you electrocute yourself and suffer from injuries or death, but you can start a fire too. It’s not worth it to burn your house down.

With a reputable tradesperson’s help, they can wire everything right so it goes smoothly. And you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the electrical system in your property is safe and secure.

5. Gas Appliance Relocations

Gas is another dangerous thing to work with, and to make matters worse, a leak isn’t always immediately detectable. While you’re doing your DIY home renovation, you might breathe in enough gas to get carbon monoxide poisoning. Plus, if you light a match or have an open flame, you risk an explosion.

You should only use a qualified gas engineer to do gas appliance relocations. The same goes for if you need a new gas line or want to alter your current one.

6. Wall Tear Downs

Open floor plans have always been all the rage, and they still are. Also, you only need a sledgehammer and some muscles to do this project, so it’s misleadingly simple.

External walls are one thing, but internal walls are a whole other story. Take out the wrong load-bearing wall, and you could literally collapse your house! Even if you manage to keep your property in one piece, the above floors can sag and compromise the structural integrity.

Professional builders will have the right knowledge and equipment to tear down walls while keeping your house solidly together.

7. Asbestos Removal

Asbestos was once commonly used before we found out it was bad for our health. If left undisturbed, it’s fine, but if you’re remodeling or renovating, it can kick up this harmful material.

Don’t risk your own health by trying to remove asbestos on your own. You won’t have the proper means to dispose of it either.

Asbestos-abatement specialists can remove the material while keeping everyone safe, so it’s best to get them in.

Don’t Do These Home DIY Projects

No matter how handy you are, there are certain home DIY projects you shouldn’t tackle yourself. Of course, the exception is if you’re a qualified expert, such as a builder, plumber, electrician, roofer, etc.

Otherwise, spend a little money to ensure things are done safely and correctly. Not only can this save you trouble, but it’ll also save you money in the long run.

If you’d like to learn about the DIY home improvement projects you can do, take a look at our other blog posts now.

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