The Super-Legit Guide To Homemade Sex Toys

Although we always suggest using the highest quality sex toys available, if that’s simply not an option, homemade sex toys are not entirely bad! 

I think there comes a time in your sex life when you feel like you deserve more. When you feel like even though your fingers can get you off, you still need something extra stimulating to get your blood pumping. Still, spending a chunk of change on something new might not be in your plans. Whether you are on a budget or not ready to buy a new sex toy, there are many homemade sex toys for women that can do the job!

You might not realize that your home is filled with many sex accessories, just lying around in your home waiting to make you cum. 

There is no need to buy that vibrator yet(even though you should get one because it is amazing); your phone, showerhead, and even washing machine can do the job without taking money from your account.

Whether you’re looking for how to make homemade sex toys because you need something to tease with, something to switch your regular routine, or something to insert, there are many items you can use as homemade sex toys. Here’s how to get started!

Safety First!

Your safety is important, and I’m sure you don’t want to land in an emergency room. Excellent and quality sex toys are made from materials safe for body use so you can keep your genitals in perfect condition. Inserting certain objects into your vagina can upset the natural balance and cause a multitude of different infections. 

You can’t sanitize wooden household items because they’re too porous. You can’t even insert a food item into your vagina without protection because it can lead to infection. Your erogenous zones are delicate areas, and even the best homemade sex toys cannot stimulate your intimate parts safely. 

If you want to enjoy sex toys without wondering whether they are safe or not, it is best your purchase from a manufacturer. None of these homemade sex toys can really hold a candle to the real deal.

You should buy a portable sex toy you can use whenever you are feeling a little randy. At V for Vibes, the shop section on this website is the best place to find a wide range of sex toys you will love and are designed with quality and safety in mind. 

However, if you find yourself awake at night and you seek momentary pleasure, you can try these homemade sex toys for women!

Ice Cubes

Temperature play is a fantastic way to increase sensitivity and explore new sensations. Use an ice cube during foreplay or oral sex to tease the genitals. You can start by sucking an ice cube before giving your partner oral sex. At the same time, use the cube to tease their inner thighs. This mix in temperature can blow their mind. When using ice cubes, lay on a towel so your bed doesn’t get wet.

As long as you use clean water for your ice, you are good to go!


Your home décor is not the only reason why you need good pillows. You can use pillows as homemade sex toys also. Rubbing against the pillow can stimulate your clitoris. Put the pillows together, sit on them and ride the pillows like you were born for that! We sometimes forget that we can easily derive pleasure from friction, and pillows do the job perfectly.

Shower Head

I will be surprised if you have never tried this trick. And if you haven’t, it’s fine! I’m not judging. There’s a reason why having sex in the shower is so popular. First, you’re already naked and relaxed with enough time to yourself. 

Press your shower head on your clitoris and experiment with different sensations. You can even use a jet shower or hand shower if your main shower is out of reach. 

If you have a great shower head with varying intensity levels, now is the time to try them out. Play with the pressure settings and wash your stress away with a water-induced orgasm.

Make sure the water is either cold or lukewarm because you don’t want to end up with burnt genitals. Adjust the shower temperature and get ready to use your homemade sex toy.

Fruits and Vegetables

There’s surely a reason why Mother Nature shaped vegetables that way. Just look at carrots, bananas, and cucumbers; they are great for penetration. However, they contain germs, so don’t use vegetables without condoms. Learning how to make a homemade sex toy with vegetables is not hard at all.

Start by washing the fruits and vegetables thoroughly with soap and water. Cover it with a condom, and your dildo is ready!

Wooden Spatula

People who claim spatulas are only for cooking are wrong. How about using it for spanking? Due to their smooth edges, they make amazing homemade sex toys for women. You can use the rounded part of the spatula to rub your clitoris or for spanking.

Who said you must have a partner before you can enjoy BDSM?

The other side of the spatula can also be used as a dildo, but only with caution. Before using it, ensure you have enough lube and wrap the spoon to make penetration easier. Don’t forget to use condoms as well. Safety first, right?

Your Phone

Is there really anything our phones can’t do? I’m not sure. You can add your smartphone to the list of homemade sex toys by installing a vibrating app on it. 


Don’t just sing into your hairbrush! It’s one of the best homemade sex toys for masturbation. Use the prickly side of your hairbrush to stimulate other parts of your body like your neck, breasts, nipples, and inner thighs. Who could have thought that a simple hairbrush could give so much pleasure? 

Washing Machine

If you have been using your washing machine for your laundry alone, then it’s time you upgrade it. For many women, it is a tool for sexual satisfaction. Turn it on, sit on top of the machine and allow the vibrations to take you to heaven. 


Did you order takeout, and it came with chopsticks? Perhaps you can save them for the bedroom as nipple clamps. Place your nipple between the chopsticks and use a rubber band to tie the ends together. Squeeze together and feel the stinging sensation!

What to Avoid When Using Homemade Sex Toys

  • Don’t use objects with sharp and spiky edges.
  • Avoid items that are too frail and can break when inserted into the vagina.
  • Don’t use electrical objects for penetration. Such homemade sex toys are for external stimulation only.
  • Don’t put soapy substances like shampoos in your vagina. It can cause itching and irritation.
  • For oral sex, use only hygienic items. Ice cubes are the most suitable options.

Homemade sex toys are cost-efficient and give you incredible pleasure. You can make a sex toy in just a few minutes and dispose of it when you are through. Since they are made from household items, you don’t have to deal with the stress of cleaning multiple times. They are the best option for exploring your body when home alone and ready to get kinky!

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