4 Honeymoon Ideas During COVID

When the COVID pandemic hit the world last 2020, everyone was forced to take a pause. People had to stay at home, temporarily stop their jobs, close their businesses, and cancel all plans, including wedding plans. Many couples chose to postpone their weddings until the following years, with the hope that the pandemic will be gone very soon.

Unfortunately, a year already passed, and the new global setting hasn’t changed very much.

While this may be bad news for everyone, that didn’t stop some couples from getting engaged and married. After all, no one and not even a virus can stop two people from sealing their union.

Plus, there are actually advantages to choosing to get married during the pandemic. Since people aren’t allowed to be in crowded places, you get to plan a wedding with a limited number of guests, making it more intimate and affordable.

Second, you don’t have to spend so much time and budget on the wedding plans. You can avail of wholesale wedding flowers for a reasonable price, instead of working on multiple florists, while making sure you get your dream wedding at the same time. You still go through the same process as typical wedding plans. The only difference is that you’ll be planning for a smaller setting and smaller number of people.

Now that you’ve successfully celebrated a small yet intimate wedding, probably, your question now is how you’re going to go through with the honeymoon. Considering that the pandemic has brought about travel and flight restrictions, you may think of this as a honeymoon disaster.

Don’t worry, however, as below are four fun and romantic honeymoon ideas you and your spouse can do during the pandemic.

honeymoon ideas during covid

1. Go Glamping

Going on a glamping trip with your partner is a refreshing activity to do as it brings you both closer to nature. This is also the best way to get out of your comfort zones, especially if you both have been engrossed in your offices for many years.

Glamping is more refined than the usual camping-in-a-tent since glamping facilities offer you modern amenities, like a king-size bed, without the great outdoor experience being compromised. This is also a safe activity to do because, unlike hotel rooms, you get your own space to yourselves, encouraging isolation.

2. Take A Road Trip

Since the COVID pandemic happened, airlines have had to temporarily stop their services to restrict and limit people from traveling. While this may sound like sad news for constant travelers, but this is actually an excellent chance for both of you to go on a road trip!

Perhaps, there are domestic destinations that you’ve always wanted to visit before, or you can also drive across the country. You just need to rent a van or a car, have a map, pack some food, and hit the road! This is also perfectly safe as you don’t have to ride public transportations with other people—just a road trip experience shared by two people.

3. Plan A Mini-Moon

Perhaps, you haven’t thought of having a mini-moon before. Well, not until today, when you’re looking for ideas on how to have your honeymoon during this pandemic. Mini-moon is a long weekend getaway that usually lasts for five days. Some couples do this when they’re trying to save up for their big and grandiose honeymoon later on.

For your mini-moon, you can focus on looking for a romantic adventure in places around your locality that are only a few driving hours away. In fact, you can even go for an unplanned mini-moon! Just drive away with your soulmate and see where both of you might end up—in a hidden and isolated gem of a small town, a secluded camping site, or a lavish local resort.

4. Staycation

Who says honeymoon has to be done outside of your home? Maybe, the last thing you’d want to do for your honeymoon is spending it doing home improvement projects. But, considering that this pandemic is about staying at home, this may actually be an excellent idea! You both won’t have to worry about asking your bosses for a vacation leave because of the current state the world is in.

Now that you’re sharing home with the love of your life, you can make use of this ‘honeymoon phase’ as an excellent time to bond through home projects. You can start designing your home, painting your walls, rearranging the furniture, or landscaping your backyard.

Make your home more inviting and appealing, and, of course, honeymoon-worthy. After all, no one else is going to reap the benefits of a beautiful home other than the two of you.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to be discouraged about your dream wedding and honeymoon getting canceled and altered because of the unforeseen pandemic. It’s natural to feel disappointed that your first elaborate plans were never realized, but you must stay optimistic in your marriage and partner.

After all, marriage isn’t about a luxurious wedding and an elegant honeymoon getaway. It’s about your soul uniting with your soulmate’s, regardless of the circumstances, because that’s what marriage is about.