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How To Host A Successful University Open Day

Going to university is a huge milestone in any young adult’s life. With countless prestigious schools to choose from it can be difficult for college students to know which is the best choice for them.

Each year official league tables are released, ranking universities in order of best to worst within the UK. This feeds into the constant rivalry which continues between the top names, including universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, and St Andrews.

With so much competition present, it’s vital that open days successfully capture the essence of the university and the benefits of studying there.

In this article, we share a few top tips on how to host a memorable open day and ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.


With so many stalls and pop-ups around the building, it’s important to have the correct signage to help guide visitors to the correct areas. Banners are a great way to differentiate between different course subjects or extra-curricular activities such as varsity team sports.

Large universities can be a bit of a maze so it’s also a good idea to put up signs on doors and walls to help direct people to entrances, exits, class departments, and cafeterias.


Providing refreshments is the best way to give all visitors a warm welcome. Remember, some families may have travelled across the country to attend the open day. This could include things such as hot tea and coffee, cold drinks, breakfast bars for morning arrivals, and a selection of sandwiches across the afternoon. Having complimentary sweets or chocolate on stands is also a nice touch.

Student volunteers

Having current students or recently graduated alumni as volunteers is a fantastic way to impart real-life knowledge to prospective new students. This can give hands-on, honest insight into why they selected to study at that university and what their experience has been so far.

Current students can provide inside knowledge on lecturers, classes, socials, events, and they’re more than likely to be able to answer any questions with ease.

Digital advertising

The key to a successful open day is getting as many people there as possible. Be sure to advertise your open day on your website so that it’s front and centre when people click on it. Include dates, times, and directions for how to get there. Social media advertising is another incredibly beneficial tool that can help you spread your message far and wide.

Using platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and even Instagram can hugely increase the social conversation about your open day, boosting your number of attendees. You can also use paid ads to boost the potential reach and target specific demographics, tailoring your ads to those of student ages.

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