How Custom Packing Tape Benefits Your Business

Corrugated boxes have been known to provide safe delivery of the products. But you can also use foldable cartons, cardboard, and collapsible boxes, depending on the product. You can add more value to your brand by using personalized packaging tapes. Let’s look at what these tapes are, how many types there are, and the number of benefits you can take advantage of using them on parcels.

What Are Custom Packing Tapes?

As we all know, Packing tapes are pressure-sensitive tapes used in sealing boxes, mailer envelopes, and paper packages. Using these ensures the safety of the contents inside the package and is perfect for shipping overseas.

On the other hand, custom packing tape gives you an additional advantage of showing off your brand. You can customize it with your company logo or have exclusive designs printed on them. To make it even more unique and impress your customers, you can use environmental-friendly and sustainable materials to make the tape.

Types Of Packing Tapes

There are several packing tapes available in the market. From masking tape, hot melt tape, acrylic packing tape to label protection and double-sided tape. You should choose the one that sticks well with the surface material of your box or package.

In addition, when selecting a type of tape, consider the location it’ll be shipped to, the amount of time it’ll be in storage, and the temperature it’ll be placed in. This way, you will be able to pick the perfect type of tape according to your needs.

Benefits Of Using Custom Packing Tapes For Your Business

With e-commerce businesses on the rise, many owners are now turning over to promoting their brand via their packaging system. And one of those strategies is owning their own custom packing tapes.

There are numerous benefits when using customized packing tape for your boxes and packages. Let’s look at some of these and how they affect your business.

1. Increased Brand Exposure

Many companies ship all around the globe using corrugated boxes or brown paper packages. So what can you do to make your parcel stand out from the crowd? Seal the containers or packages with your personalized packing tape that would have your company’s logo, slogan, name, and even various designs to make it look more exclusive.

When shipping, these parcels go around the country, city, or the town, transferring from person to person, and they all get to see your brand name pop out from the tape. This creates brand awareness by exposing your company’s name to the world.

2. Cost-effective

Many companies opt for customized designed boxes for delivery. That option comes with a considerable cost on printed boxes, labels, tape, etc. On the other hand, plain boxes tend to be less costly, and all you need is to provide a specially designed packing tape that would make it look more professional and ideal.

3. Provides Additional Security

A plain brown box with standard paper or transparent tape can be easily tampered with. Anyone can open the box, take out the contents and easily reseal it with another regular tape. Customized packing tape, however, allows you to understand whether or not your packages have been compromised. Because no one else will have access to those tapes apart from your company, and it is your responsibility to ensure the safety when packaging products for delivery.

Another essential security that custom tapes provide is tracing capability. With the advent of innovations in technology, you can now trace your product during shipping and delivery just by entering a particular track ID number which can be displayed on the tape.

In addition, you can add in a scannable QR code to provide quick access for potential customers to visit your website, download your business mobile app, or to provide information on the product content inside the box.

4. Instructive

Though delivery persons should handle all the boxes they come across with care, sometimes mentioning it clearly on the tape doesn’t hurt. Special instructions such as “Fragile”, “This Way Up”, “Handle With Care”, “Keep Dry” and so on can be printed on the tape to ensure that your products are safe and secure during transit. It also helps your customer follow instructions and store the products carefully.

5. Customer Satisfaction And Loyalty

The latest trend in social media is the “Unboxing Experience”, where customers open packages, reveal the contents, record, and share them on social media. This is where you can seize the chance to make an excellent first impression. You’ll get orders and bag up potential customers if you’re successful.

Many companies thrived in this pandemic when they took their business online. So naturally, they have to think about the delivery system, and the first thing that comes to mind is the packaging. That is what will give your customers the first impression of your company.


These are the benefits your business can have if you go with custom packing tape. A customized packing tape looks stylish, informative and secures your products until it reaches the rightful owner. You can include thank you notes, freebies, and stickers with your specially branded packing tape. This will show how much you care about your customers. They will become your greatest asset.