How Online Casinos Differ From Land-Based Casinos

If you find the whole idea of going to a casino exciting, but more than a little intimidating, then you’re not alone. Films like Casino Royale may have given gaming establishments an air of style and sophistication, but they have also made them seem a little too posh and out of reach for an average player.

So how can you play your favorite casino games without worrying if your tuxedo is the right luxury brand or if you have enough money to compete with the high rollers? The answer is simple – you can play online.

The Benefits of Online Casinos

There are hundreds of online casinos to choose from, including most of the major names you’ll recognize from numerous banner ads and gaming websites. Choosing a name you know can be reassuring, especially if you are concerned about how secure online casino games are.

Each one tries to offer something different and original (we’ll come to that later), but they will also provide the essentials, including slots, roulette, and a range of card games such as blackjack and poker. There’s no need to dress up or have a huge bankroll to play at an online casino, and there are lots of other advantages as well.

Your Casino, Your Way

Playing online means you can choose the perfect casino for you from hundreds of options. Unless you live in Las Vegas, you’ll be lucky to have more than one or two casinos to choose from in your local city.

Playing online means you can find a site that you feel comfortable with and one that focuses on your favorite game. You can also play anytime you like, and from anywhere, whether that’s in bed at 2 am when you can’t sleep, or on the train at 8 am when going to work.

Original games

With so many online casinos competing for your business, you’ll find that there’s always something new to try. Except for a variety of popular games, online casinos are constantly trying to come up with new and exciting titles that can breathe new life into an old game and bring new players to their site. These twists can be great fun to play and will often come with a bonus to encourage you to try them out.

Welcome Bonuses

Speaking of bonuses, this is one area where online casinos truly beat their brick and mortar counterparts. Try walking into your local casino and asking them to double your money before you start to play, and they will laugh you out of the building.

However, almost all online casinos will have a welcome bonus that will at least match your initial deposit, and many will go a lot further, offering free spins and even free money with no deposit. Just watch out for the small print, which may require you to wager your winnings up to 50x before you can withdraw them.

Get The Best of Both Worlds

Of course, with modern technology, you don’t need to choose between a live casino and an online game because you can get the best of both worlds. The likes of a live casino online offer you the convenience of playing from home, with the casino experience of a real live dealer. These games are live streamed using real cards or roulette wheels instead of computer-generated games and are the closest thing to a real casino experience available online.

Finally, one way in which online casinos differ from traditional ones is the lack of social contact. A night out at your local casino is just that, a night out, with all the excitement of dressing up and socializing with other players.

Visiting a casino is like visiting the cinema; you can watch a DVD at home, but watching the big screen with a crowd of fellow film fans is a much richer experience. Both options are great, and you can pick the one you like more based on your mood and location.