how remote working benefit organisations

How Remote Working Can Benefit Organisations

Since the covid hit, many of us have had to get used to working from home. Not only can it be great for the employee, but there are also many benefits to the employer. If you have the option to work remotely it means you can apply for jobs from further away, which also means that organisation can choose the best person for the job rather than the closest person for the job.

Here are our top reasons why your organisation should implement working from home policy.


Remote workers have a lot of flexibility and freedom and are able to plan their day around appointments and life events. Not only is this a great benefit, but it can also build trust and improve the culture across the organisation, as employees are given more control, improving job satisfaction.

Save Money

This may be an obvious one – but it is a key benefit. Gone are the days when you have to spend hundreds on transport to the office each month, or an expensive meal on your lunch break, or coffee refills. All these expenses can add up, and especially with the cost of living rising, it allows your employees to spend money on important things. Not only do employees save money, but so does the organisation.

They are able to reduce their rent and locate to a smaller office, as less staff will need the space. You will no longer need to provide refreshments for staff, and energy and water bills will also be cut considerably, improving your profit margins.

Comfortable Environment

Employees are able to control the environment and get work done in a space that does not cause distractions. No more arguing with Bob in finance for leaving a mess in the office kitchen, there is much more peace and quiet for everyone.

This can lead to more productivity and concentration, where employees focus on what really matters, whether this work is done on a train on the way to meet a friend or at a local café or home office. They can choose an environment that aids their working style.

Remote working can contribute to a stable work-life balance, which in turn can make employees more satisfied, motivated and efficient. A company is only as good as its staff, and if they are happy and content, then they are more likely to go above and beyond for the success of the company.

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