How Social Inequalities Affect Relationship In A Couple

Nowadays, we are offered almost limitless possibilities to succeed in different areas of our lives, express our creativity, explore the world around us, and build happy relationships. Although modern reality seems like an approachable dream, there is still some equality missing in our lives which can make our real society heaven on earth.

It is not only about the equality of rights of women and men or sexual minorities and heterosexual people. Financial inequality is also one of the imperfections of our world: whether it is financial inequality in the professional field or in private life (among friends or inequality between two partners in a relationship), its influence cannot be underestimated.

Social and financial well-being – in focus when dating?

Dreaming of a reliable friend or of a happy relationship, we rarely think of equality. In real life getting acquainted with a person, we pay attention to the personality or also to the appearance – a person should be kind-hearted, compassionate, intelligent, neat, tall, etc., depending on what we are looking for in a person we want to communicate or to fall in love with.

But with time, we find ourselves feeling uncomfortable or even arguing about things that define our everyday lives – income, financial opportunities, and who will pay the bill on a date.

While searching on the Internet for someone to chat with or to go on a romantic date with, all we can rely on is a photo and a description in a profile. A happy person with a look of success on their face smiling at you from the screen – what an attractive candidate to get to know! And even more attractive is their high job position or photos of a luxurious life that are “screaming” about the lavish time you can have together!

With online dating, it has become easy to find a prosperous person and enjoy their social benefits. Browsing through men’s profiles looking for a sugar daddy online, or searching sugar momma dating, there are many people to be found for whom financial inequality does not matter, and a good time for them is a question of the price they can afford to pay.

The Internet has become a place where everyone can find what they are looking for, including dates with wealthy sugar mommies and daddies. But sometimes, the price of a relationship is too high…

Attention! An obstacle on the way to happily ever after

Being in a relationship means enjoying many great moments together and also going through difficulties. Some of them are the difference in characters, mismatch of views on life, or plans for the future; others can make partners feel uncomfortable on an everyday basis. What if the partners belong to different social classes? What if their incomes significantly differ?

At first sight, none of this may affect a relationship if both partners love each other and see the future together. But let’s be honest, when it comes to an everyday routine, there is misunderstanding and even arguing about finances because mainly it is finances that determine our comfort and well-being.

A partner is simply not able to take on some financial responsibilities or does not want to, which may cause financial stress following quarrels and resentments that do not have a positive effect on a relationship. For example, when one makes sacrifices and compromises to be able to pay the bills while another is living their best life. Well, in such a scenario, there is no happily ever after on the horizon but most likely a breakup.

It may be hard to be a partner or a friend to someone who handles money in a different way than another does, but money talks help people make their relationships money-proof. Financial comfort is crucial to a happy relationship with others, and if there is financial or any kind of inequality, communication and compromise are the savers that will keep people from going separate ways and allow them to continue enjoying time together.