How to Catch a Cheater: 5 Ways to Spy on a Cheating Spouse

Listen to your gut feeling. You may have already heard this several times and to some extent, it is true. If you feel something is going wrong, it’s because it most probably is. The same goes for your spouse. When you’re in a healthy relationship, you feel secure and at peace of mind. However, many cheating spouses don’t ever admit they are actually cheating on you, instead, they will blame it on you for not trusting them enough.

In this modern world of technology, it’s not impossible to spy and catch a cheater. For instance, a private investigator cost or investing in costly spying software, or having a lie detector test on your partner may be worth your anxiety and sleepless nights.   

Nevertheless, if you want to take everything in your control in order to collect evidence, and you’re looking for ways to spy and catch on your cheating partner, keep reading this article!

1. Get Hold of Your Cheating Spouse’s Touch ID

If your spouse is already so secretive with their phone when you’re around them, there’s no way they are going to share their phone password with you.

However, if both of you are away from home together, you can ask them to lend you their phone as your phone is “dead” or “broken”. Voila! Now you’ve access to their phone.

Whether it’s an Android or iPhone, you can go to the security settings and save your fingerprint among his saved fingerprints. No matter if they change their passcode, you can still access their phone and clear your suspicion.

2. Google Chrome Passwords to the Rescue

The above spying technique may not work for you in case your spouse doesn’t have a Touch ID. Worry not!

You can (again) make an excuse to have their laptop for whatever “believable” reason. People are usually more protective of their phones rather than laptops or computers.  

As soon as you get your hands on their laptop, go to Google Chrome. Click settings, passwords, and autofill. You can now see all the saved passwords for different websites such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Take a quick picture and save them on your phone to uncover your husband/wife’s dirty game.

3. Create a Fake Profile

Once a cheater, always a cheater. If your spouse is cheating on you, he most probably is cheating on someone else as well. To uncover their real face, you can easily create a fake profile on the social media platform they are most active on. Usually, this would be Instagram or Facebook.

Try to make the profile as “real” as possible and even add in some random people in your profile too. You can send him/her message, friendship, or follow request and try to be as flirty as possible.

This way, you can gradually pull the bait and reveal its true colors.

4. Secretly Record Your Cheating Spouse

No matter how sincere and honest your spouse pretends to be with you when you’re around them, you can catch them as soon as you leave the room.

You simply have to place your phone near them while leaving the recorder app on, or you can also put your phone in such a way that it video records their suspicious activity.

However, it’s better to stay discrete while using this technique to make sure it’s a mission success.

5. Check the Trash Folder

Even the most “experienced” cheater can leave traces, and you have to make sure you chase them. Whether your wife or husband uses a laptop or phone to cheat on you, you can access the trash folders of their email, photos, and notes.   

They may have pictures of the person they are cheating on with you in their laptop recycle bin that they had forgotten to empty. Or, you may even get your hands on some deleted screenshots. Be prepared and avoid emotional breakouts when you are sure of the betrayal. Overcoming infidelity may not be easy, so you must seek support from those you can trust.