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How To Choose a Moving Company? From Pricing to Services

Moving and even the most ordinary transportation causes stress for many, especially if you do it over long distances. When choosing a moving company, many may ignore the different characteristics of a particular company. As a result, give preference to the first query in Google, which may not always be reliable.

Choosing a good moving company is difficult, but possible. Information on websites, opinions, and recommendations do not always help you find reliable movers. So follow the other steps.

Check the Company’s Reputation

Reviews on the Internet cannot always be trusted. But how can you check the reputation and reliability of a moving company? It’s simple. Just ask them to provide the following:

  • Relevant certificates,
  • Permissions,
  • Insurance,
  • Examples of ready-made contracts,
  • Driver’s licenses.

The list may include other proof that the company operates legally and provides only high-quality services. If a manager tries to change the topic of dialogue to something else, such as a low price or additional services, this is a signal to think about the legality and honesty of the company. Even if you are transporting only pillows and a couple of vases, you should not trust such moving companies with a low level of trust and reputation.

Analyze the Pricing Policy of Companies

The cost of services is very important when choosing a moving company. Some companies may offer better prices; however, the quality of services may leave much to be desired. You should not choose a company just because of the low price, and you need to ensure that it offers high-quality services.

The price should not be low because it is based on many factors. You will be able to understand the average cost when you call at least 3-4 companies, and they give you a calculation. What information is needed for calculation?

  1. Addresses. Accurate or approximate information about the points from where things need to be transported;
  2. Cargo. Information about the cargo, weight, size, etc.;
  3. Movers. Usually, the company itself provides information based on the previous two points, but you can insist on additional movers.

As a result, knowing the approximate prices and the ones that the manager or calculator on the site will indicate to you, you will be able to understand whether the price is too high or corresponds to the average.

It would also be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the company’s other services, such as packaging, furniture assembly, etc. Usually, you have to pay extra for this, which also affects the final price.

Find Out About Service Areas

Not all companies provide their services in all cities. Sometimes, they are limited to cities only; sometimes, this list includes provinces and states. For example, you want to move from Ottawa to Toronto, where the travel time is approximately 4 hours. Finding a moving company to do such work will not be difficult, since the cities are relatively close. But your search will be more difficult if you need to move from Ottawa to Edmonton.

If you are planning long-distance moving, you need to indicate this immediately to skip out local companies and those that are limited in the geography of their services.


You can also ask what kind of trucks and machines the company owns for transportation. If you need to transport many things, then a standard small-sized minibus will not cope with this task. Likewise, a huge truck won’t be appropriate if you move several boxes. Such a simple question about transport will help you choose the right moving company and skip those unsuitable for your move.


The contract is essential to the entire interaction with a moving company. It is best to choose the company that announces that they work only after your signature on the corresponding document. The contract should contain:

  • Rights and obligations of both parties;
  • Quality of services;
  • Guarantees of security of the client’s property;
  • Responsibility for possible force majeure of both parties;
  • List of services and price;
  • Timings.

All this must be discussed with the manager in advance. Of course, you can choose a company that works without contracts, but in this case, there are no safety and quality of services guarantees.

Why is It Important to Choose a Good Moving Company?

By making the right choice of company, you at least ensure yourself a good and calm move. A reliable moving company will have experienced drivers, well-maintained vehicles, and movers. Researching and choosing a reputable company is important to avoid possible delays, damage, or losses during transportation.

From the tips above, first of all, pay attention to prices since further research and communication with managers to draw up a contract will depend on your budget. You can make a full assessment only after using the services, but if everything is done correctly, the result will be similar to your expectations.

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