How to Cure Our Diseases

We have all come across a chronic disease, experiencing it personally in the worst case or seeing others fighting their battles doing so, causing us tremendous heartache… So, why are some of our diseases on the rise and what are they trying to teach us? How have various types of cancer and heart conditions become epidemic in our current times?

Many of us have seen or heard of someone suffering from cancer or heart condition, the two leading causes among the many reasons for death nowadays. But why are these cases so frequent? And what is the relation between such ailments and our families? What does a vascular occlusion symbolize? Why are our family ties crucial to our health?

If you are unable or unwilling to deal with a difficult family member, however hard it might be, you can end up harming yourself more than you think. It might seem like the only good option to distance yourself from the person, but if you block your family from your life, it can lead to thrombosis.

Why? Because it can affect your circulatory system by preventing your normal blood flow in the long run. And what if you can feel the dislike or the loathe coming from your family members, even on a subconscious level? You may be at risk of giving birth to damaged cells in your body.

What exactly is energy?

One of the best proofs to this is the internationally renowned Japanese doctor of alternative medicine, Dr. Masaru Emoto’s famous water research, in which the water crystals perfectly embodied the positive, beautiful frequencies of loving and healing words but also the negative, ugly aspects of hurtful, damaging words.

Similarly, it can also take only a few offensive words from our loved ones for damaged cells to develop which sooner or later have a good chance to split further and grow to become a tumor.

Our cells die for two reasons. At best, because they’re getting old and the body is creating new ones instead. In another case, our cells die as a consequence of negative and bad talk about us. When your cells die, your body is able to create new cells immediately.

From what? From the energy surrounding you. If love surrounds you, the body will create new cells from love, but if it’s fear or hurt, the body will still do its job… And if the surrounding emotions are hatred, anger, bad temper, jealousy, then the body will align its new cells with those energies.

The better quality new cells we want to build, the better energy needs to connect with us.

But to be able to do this well, we need to know what energy is? Controlled emotion, the power that creates. If I want to be loved, I become lovable. If I want to be hated, I act in an unkind way. Why does someone want to be unloved? Because he can’t love enough.

Why not? Because he is afraid to show his feelings. Afraid to be misunderstood and to show something of himself that he didn’t even know existed. EMOTION. Such emotion that even touches him

How do the energies around us affect us?

We can make ourselves, our companions, and our environment sick through the energy we emit or retain. When you receive and embrace positive energy like kindness and love, your body gives birth to wholesome cells.

On the other hand, absorbing negative energy such as hurt and hatred builds damaged cells in your body, and eventually causes disease. Why? Because energy is created together with the associated belief systems. Energies that stem from a bad state fuel dysfunctional creation: when we go with too much fear to take a test, for instance, we create deficiency and imperfections through our fearful vibes.

On the contrary, going to that exam with trusting and loving emotions, feeling like we have got this, we create with faith. Our chances are much higher to succeed at the given test or exam feeling this way.

The energy of love helps you learn by creating new cells from what we call love, faith, or trust. When you recharge with healthy, strong energy, as a result, big and bright cells are created in your body which is full of life. The larger a cell, the more information it can hold.

The more information it holds, the more you absorb from what you learned. Your brain can store and utilize more knowledge through healthier cells. It matters whether you go to take a test with a brain that is deficient and untrusting, or with one that is built up from large cells and can store all the information needed to succeed at the exam.

You can see how important it is which cells you let go of and which ones you create! The new ones should always be better than the old ones. If you want to create better cells, you need to surround yourself with energy that gives birth to more conscious cells in a better state.

Our cells are born of light and food. Light in this sense is the spiritual, divine information added to your cells, while the physical, material manifestation of your cells comes from the nutrients you consume. Therefore, it does matter what we eat. The lower the consumed food’s frequency, the worse quality cells we create! And the lower the concentration of the light we take in, the poorer information our cells can accommodate.

How to give birth to good quality cells?

To be able to produce high-quality cells, we need to ensure high-quality foods and prominent added information. If you speak kindly about a child, a lot of subtle, life-giving lights accompany him. And he starts creating from this.

But this is only half of the creating force, you can build the other half by providing quality nutrients for yourself and your loved ones. Especially from breastfeeding for a newly born. The more poor quality cells reside in us, the less healthy we become.

It would be great if a loving and healthy eating family were enough for the health of our children. Unfortunately, this is not the case. There are also bad guys in the world. There are bad energies around us too, therefore some of our cells are born out of bad intentions and bad food.

This is the reason why we die when the time comes, especially at an early age. It happens when there’s no more life-energy left in us and we don’t believe in our healing anymore, or that we are loved by some or we are moving toward some people. If we think this way, a lot of diseases can appear around us. Maybe it doesn’t even occur to us that we create them ourselves and we hurt each other with it! We don’t want to do so, it is usually not intentional, but we still do it…

But if we are aware of this, we can also overcome it. How?

If we constantly scold someone, the person on the receiving end will get sick. But if we only praise others, they will be healed. You need to be careful where you are starting from. Being gradual is very important. We need to understand that we cannot do a sudden 180; it doesn’t make sense to praise day and night someone we have been constantly scolding.

How to start loving gradually…

Why isn’t it a good idea to start loving someone suddenly we have been hurting for good?

Wouldn’t it resolve bad karma? Wouldn’t it cure the diseased body?

NO. It is a strange paradox: If you constantly praise someone, who has only been hurt so far, he cannot receive so many blessings all of a sudden.

Only a little. If he only takes in a little positive energy, he will get better than he was before. He will create healthier new cells. The new cells carry new information. He cannot create perfect cells yet if he has been running a faulty cell division program. He wouldn’t be able to make such a leap. The vibrational difference would be too big between the existing and new cells; the body would push out the new perfect cell.

The same applies to organ transplants: if the body is very sick, it cannot accept a perfectly healthy organ. The body will cast it out, and then they would give him the best in vain, the person would die in the end. Because he received something that wasn’t compatible with what he had.

If you understand what I’ve been talking about so far, you’ll know what to do: if you haven’t loved the person you want to heal so far, start loving them. But don’t project all your love on him (out of remorse), you’re only hurting him that way! He can only take in as much as feels good to him. If you haven’t loved him so far, only give him a little love.

How can you help well?

You can help well if you can interpret someone’s body frequency, light, and love correctly.

You have to take this as a starting point to which you can add more. Only give as much as the other can take in. if you give less, he dies, if you give more, he also dies. What matters is that we recognize the appropriate level to start giving from. This is also true for our prayers: ask only so much in your prayer for your loved ones, as they can accept. Try not to give more love either than what feels good to the other!

If it’s too much for him, he will get worse, but your goal should be to help him. Sometimes, a doctor or a healer can overdose on this and does anything to heal the patient. Out of loving care, for money, or whatever reason…

Don’t hurt! A basic code of healing ethics. If you can’t help anymore, don’t make things worse! It’s not enough to believe that everything is curable, but you also need to be able to recognize the type of therapy that makes sense!

Some patients suffering from a disease feel like healing is a burden, and don’t understand why they can’t die? Because we won’t let them; we have sworn to save those who we can. But what about those you can’t? We also want to save them.

Why? Because we don’t understand death. Often death is a relief to the soul that is suffering from a diseased body. It would be grateful to step out of the dying body, but often it doesn’t know how to. We need to first understand that the soul is light-activated by our bodies, which build itself from nutrients and is born. This is simply the birth of the soul. And when the soul dies it can be born again, in a healthier body…

The same applies to chronic diseases!

The same applies to every chronic disease, including cancer. Only give as much energy as the patient can absorb. A very advanced cancer patient not only has to build new cells but first has to kill the old, sick cells to replace them with new healthy ones. Chemotherapy, radiation treatment, or various drugs prescribed by a specialist can be a huge help in achieving this.

Allow your loved ones sufficient time for the dead cells to leave and support their healing through adequate levels of caring energy and nutrients to help them and yourself become more. The key is in creating better feeling thoughts and acting more consciously. By being more attentive and understanding towards one another, as well as building better and healthier bonds and bodies, we improve our lives and give birth to a more sustainable environment.