Best Tips on How to Date Smarter in 2021

In the age of social media, people are less likely to date. Many potential life partners are screened out online. It’s enough to look at a profile picture and start a correspondence. When the person you’re talking to likes you both – externally and through communication, there is a meeting in real life on the horizon, that is, a first date.

This article reviews the most common mistakes and how to solve them to date smarter in 2021.

Expectations are too serious

Of course, you’re looking forward to meeting a lovely person from But don’t expect to start building a shared future right away. Don’t joke about your life together at the beginning of the evening. Don’t make loud statements about your partner’s character when you know almost nothing about her. “I think you’ll be a good mother for our kids” is not a phrase you want to hear on a first date. Also, don’t use a Lie Detector Test since it will ruin your first date directly.

Being late for a date

If anyone can afford to be late (and no, it’s not late), it’s a woman. And her reasons are always good. It can take a lot more time to: do the perfect makeup, curl her hair, change her mind and straighten it, try on three dresses, jeans with a blouse and a pantsuit, realize that orange pumps do not fit any of the options, burst into tears and completely redo makeup than it was allotted.

But for men, being late is inexcusable: allowing yourself a delay of even some 20 minutes, you risk making the impression of a girl unreliable and just a rude man.


A good conversation involves both of you listening to each other, asking questions, and sharing something about yourself. But often, man is so caught up in his own story that he forgets to ask questions. Maybe he wants to impress by listing his accomplishments. Perhaps, he doesn’t think other people’s opinions are worthy of attention.

Do not make this mistake. Ask the interlocutor and listen to her answers. This way you will make a good impression and learn more about the new acquaintance.

Stay on your smartphone

When you come to dinner, just turn off your phone. Believe us, your chosen one will appreciate this step with much more enthusiasm than if you bring her a bouquet of the most beautiful peonies. Your willingness to devote your entire evening to her alone – without being distracted by emails on even for a second, or updates in the Instagram feed is worth a lot!

Of course, do not forget to watch the girl: if she does not let go of the phone all night, and you can not even really see the color of her eyes, because the sight of a companion constantly lowered into the display, then your person is not interested in her. 

Not finishing a date properly

All, even the most confident girls, when they say goodbye to a man after a date, fall into a state of mistrust. If you like your potential girlfriend and would like to continue the relationship – put a beautiful end to the date. In other words, before you say goodbye, be sure to let the girl know that you are very intrigued by her.

For these purposes suit any ideas: beautiful words, romantic kisses and, of course, a special SMS that you should send already after the date. This message she will keep as a family heirloom, so even your future grandchildren could read it.