if your partner is really your soulmate

7 Questions To Know If Your Partner Is Really Your Soulmate

Did you cross paths recently with someone special?

Perhaps you’ve spent enough time with your partner and you are now considering taking things to the next level, whatever that could be. So, now you’re wondering whether they are your soulmate. Could they really be the other half predestined to match your soul? You won’t find this out by worrying too much.

Try answering the seven questions below instead to find out if your partner is truly the one for you!

1. Do you feel a deep emotional connection with them?

When you meet your soulmate, the connection is almost always different.

A healthy emotional connection is needed to help relationships flourish. These kinds of connections help create safe spaces where both partners feel at ease to share their feelings and emotions. Do you feel this way with your current partner?

2. Do they make you feel good about yourself?

While we agree that no one is perfect, not even your soulmate, we believe that your true soulmate should make you feel at ease with yourself while also encouraging you to grow.

Again, while we believe that it ultimately falls on you to feel good and happy with yourself, especially when you are trying to manifest a soulmate into your life, to a certain extent, your soulmate should also make you feel special and happy with yourself, albeit, indirectly.

However, if that person makes you feel bad about yourself or makes you feel less worthy of them, they are definitely not “the one”.

3. Do you feel comfortable sharing personal stuff with them?

In your relationship, do you trust this partner with your secrets or are you always tempted to withhold crucial information from them? They are probably your soulmate when you are sure they won’t spill your secrets to someone else if you share these with them.

They are “the one” when you know that not only do they care about what you have to say, but that they will also be able to handle it emotionally well and be a rock for you.

4. Do their life views and goals align with yours?

Your life might not necessarily mirror all of your partner’s hobbies and interests. However, it is important that their most significant views of life, morals, lifestyle, and life’s goals align greatly with yours.

Along with sharing similar goals, ethics, and values, they should also be on the same page with you on other important things like marriage, having kids, and all of the other issues of life that matter greatly to you.

5. Do you know their biggest flaws?

We all have flaws and weaknesses. Have you seen your partner’s?

Forget about the euphoric feelings of happiness, interest, and infatuation that often mark the early stages of relationships for most people. Have you seen your partner at their worst and still able to love them afterward, regardless? This also goes both ways. Is your partner able to stay after they see all your disaster glory or did they try to run? This is one good way to know if you’ve actually met your match.

6. Do they trust and respect you and vice versa?

Any relationship devoid of mutual trust and respect will find it tough to stand the test of time. Your soulmate of all persons must not be found wanting when it comes to predicting what you can do, trusting you wholeheartedly, and respecting your personal views and opinions, even when it’s entirely different from theirs.

Again, this is also a two-way street. If you feel they are your soulmate, the trust and respect you have for them should never be in question.

7. Can you imagine spending the rest of your life with them?

Now, when all is said and done, do you feel comfortable with the idea of spending the remaining moments of your life with this person? Do you never get tired of their company? Can you go days or weeks without fighting? Are you quick to resolve issues when you disagree or quarrel? These are the kind of questions you need to answer to determine if your partner is actually your soulmate.


You’ll always know when you’ve found your soulmate.

But along with your gut feeling, you’re bound to experience a certain kind of peace and comfort, even at the early stage of the relationship. However, to be sure your partner is the soulmate you’ve been waiting for, answering the questions above will prove even more helpful in reaching an accurate conclusion, to help with your love life and next move.

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