The Impact Of Technology On Train Travel

Technology has transformed the way we live, work and play. And rail travel is no different! In fact, you may be surprised to learn that technology is completely shaking up the rail industry – and for the better.

Here are some of the most important ways technology is changing the world of train travel.

How is technology changing train travel?

1. Traffic management technology reduces delays

One way technology is changing the rail industry is with comprehensive traffic management. Using innovative technology, Wales has now implemented a traffic management system to help operators manage the timetable.

This innovative technology provides real-time data to data operators, flagging potential conflicts on the most popular rail routes. Armed with the right data, operators can then help manage the services to keep trains running – and customers happy!

2. Augmented reality

It’s no secret that AI has changed the way we work. In fact, it’s thought that by 2030, 30% of all UK jobs will be susceptible to automation. The rail sector is no different.

Augmented reality technology is making waves in the rail industry when it comes to simplifying operations and improving the passenger experience. Some of the main ways augmented reality has been used to transform the rail industry are through maintenance and training. When it comes to staff training, AI has been making the teaching sessions more dynamic, engaging and efficient.

Utilising real-life scenarios, AI is hugely influential when it comes to educating employees on how to act onsite.

But it’s not just customer service training that benefits! In fact, AI has proven to be so successful at training employees that it’s even being used by engineers at HS2.

3. It’s making train travel safer

According to the RSSB, rail travel is the safest and greenest form of public transport. But why can’t it be even safer?

Well, thanks to technology – it can! The creation of a new algorithm that combined track circuit and signal data to accurately identify a train’s location is paving the way for safe rail travel. With the foresight of where the trains are at all times, the chances of collision are significantly reduced.

Final thoughts

Technology goes far beyond mobile phones and video games – it’s changing the way we travel by rail too! Not only is technology helping to keep trains running on time, but it’s also ensuring we get the best customer service possible when we choose our seats on the carriages.

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