4 In-Demand Jobs For 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world that we live in beyond recognition, including the types of job roles that are currently on offer throughout the globe. If you are currently job-hunting or are planning to begin a career in this new work landscape, here are some of the top in-demand jobs you can start working toward in 2021.

1. Teachers

Teachers and education specialists will always be in demand due to the nature of schooling. However, while the number of roles for teachers continues to grow, there is currently a shortage of teachers and education specialists across the United States, making it difficult for school-aged children to get the quality of education they need. This shortage is even worse when the number of teachers with the right qualifications is considered.

Then, you should consider filling one of the many vacant teaching roles on offer by taking a Single Subject Teaching Credential at Alliant International University, which focuses on boosting the number of teachers in the state of California after recognizing the vast shortage of teachers in the state.

2. Nurses

Due to COVID-19, the nursing shortage has worsened, pre-dominantly due to factors such as burnout and sick leave, as well as due to pre-existing issues such as an aging workforce.

However, more nurses and healthcare professionals are needed than ever before to combat the effects of the pandemic and to make sure that non-COVID patients are also able to receive the care that they need. Then, if you are interested in helping others for a living, you should consider looking at roles such as family nurses, travel nurses, school nurses or home help professionals.

Nevertheless, nursing is a challenging occupation that demands technical skills and compassion in difficult situations often accompanied by long hours of working. And if you are a travel nurse, it can also be quite challenging to find short-term stays. In this case, you should consider travel nurse housing as it will help you do your job well and also be safe.

However, nursing job opportunities continue to grow as it is one of the most rewarding and steady career paths that professionals can pursue.

3. IT Professionals

Due to the tech revolution, there has never been more demand for IT professionals and those with technical skills. However, the pace of technological development means that there is a vast skills gap in terms of technology, with many people lacking the skills that they need to use new technology, especially since qualifications and training courses can take years to complete.

Then, you should consider honing your tech skills by working on your own projects, such as practicing coding and considering roles in IT, artificial intelligence, or data science.

4. Environment and Sustainability Roles

There is now more interest than ever before in saving the planet, and this has pushed many firms to consider advertising for environment-focused roles, such as sustainability managers. Not only this, but there has also been renewed interest in recent years in roles such as wind turbine technicians as more countries look toward alternative ways to produce and distribute clean energy.

By looking for an in-demand job role and noticing the industries which are currently facing a job shortage, you will be able to open doors to a long-lasting and stable career where you will be able to take advantage of many different and exciting opportunities. Then, you will be able to start a new career afresh in the difficult job-hunting climate of 2021.