increase customer engagement with qr codes

How to Increase Customer Engagement with QR Codes

Even though QR codes were first introduced in the 90s, they gained their real popularity during the pandemic, with a 433% increase of usage over 2021, and many services  started to demand the best QR code generator free. What is hidden behind their potential, and how to use them to increase customer engagement?

QR codes: what are they and how powerful are they?

A QR code, or a Quick Response Code, is a two-dimensional barcode, able to store thousands of letters or digits, videos, or links to websites. They can be easily created by a QR code generator, giving users of smartphones a chance to quickly open your website, social media page, or an ad.

According to Statista, 75.8 million smartphone users scanned QR codes in 2021 in the US, as an example. Can you imagine the potential behind these numbers? Imagine how many new users you could attract to your website or social media page if you knew how to harness OR code power.

What QR codes have to offer

There are a lot of positive things QR codes can offer their users, and which influenced on their popularity compared to more traditional ways of increasing customer engagement.

During the pandemic they played a crucial role in helping us to stay safe, as thanks to them we could easily resist touching things that lots of other people would touch too, spreading the coronavirus and other bacteria. It is enough to scan the code, read the restaurant’s menu, check the price list, or even pay for the shopping.

QR codes are really small, so using them on your ad, leaflet, banner, or any place you want to will not require much space. Your customers don’t need to type long URL links, which may be irritating and discouraging to even enter the website, they can simply scan the code and automatically get into your website. And what’s important, a QR code may store not only links, but an image, or a video too.

How to increase customer engagement with QR codes?

Customer engagement describes the relationship between your brand and your customers, their awareness, interaction and activity on your website. High customer engagement is related to high profits., so it’s really worth the effort to increase it.

Placing a QR code on your business card is one of the easiest ways of getting new customers to visit your website. They no longer have to type the URL, as they can only scan the code. It’s the same with any ad, in the form of a leaflet, banner, or a poster – your code visible on your ads will give customers easy access to your landing page. Your landing page may be your social media profile too.

A QR code may also be used as a trigger to download your app – make the code visible in your advertising campaign, and get more downloads at once. It can also be linked to the location of your business, the restaurant menu, a special offer, a discount, or just about anything else you can think of.

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