indoor activities for kids and teens

Top 12 Healthy Indoor Activities For Kids And Teens

Indoor activities help kids and teens to enjoy themselves and encourage them to think creatively. Art and craft, DIY, dance, fun, and knowledge.

Free time is meant to enjoy and learn new things that will help to think critically and creatively. Here is the list of 12 healthy indoor activities for kids and teens.

1. DIY Your Own Masterpieces

It’s time to take out your colors, markers, paint, glue, and lots of paper to create your masterpieces and make your art gallery. It will polish your art and craft skills in your home.

2. Bake And Decorate

Bake and decorate your heart out; indoor days are the best days to learn and get crazily creative in baking your favorite cookies, cupcakes, and why not a sundae? Save easy baking recipes and try them every day in your kitchen.

3. Have A Dance Party

What else is more interesting and fun-filled than a dance party with your kids? Let’s move your body to make unforgettable memories and a retreat to the little bodies. Pick your favorite playlist and dance your heart out with your cutie pies.

4. Do A Science Experiment

Activities that will make you creative, just try out a science experiment in your home. For example, A shallow bowl of milk will retain them as self-contained blobs of color if you pour a few drops of food coloring.

However, if you dab some dish soap on a toothpick or a Q-tip and touch the food coloring, the colors magically start swirling. The reason is simple: Surface tension prevents the food coloring from sinking to the bottom initially, but soap triggers a chemical reaction that releases the surface tension.

5. Read Out Loud

Reading is the most efficient hobby for anyone, especially teenage, you have to read a page daily that will increase your general knowledge, and you will get a different perspective to think; reading the best exercises the brain and is a free form of entertainment. Read out loud so it will improve your vocabulary and increase your attention.

6. Movies And TV Shows

One of the best ways to have family fun is by watching movies and shows. Many streaming sites and platforms are available to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. It will boost your mood and give you relaxation from everything. For those who live in any other country for a job or on a trip to UAE and want to access Hotstar outside India, then a premium VPN will help you access Hotstar in the UAE or anywhere you want and enjoy your favorite shows.

7. Host An Open Mic Night

A karaoke machine is not mandatory to host an Open Mic Night. All you need is the motivation to speak out loud, make notes and say whatever you want to. A brave person who can participate vulnerably has confidence and courage.

8. Do A Learning Activity

Learn new things in your free time and indoor days, where you have more chances to develop new skills. Kids, if you have any weaknesses so try to cope with your fears.

Many enjoyable, active learning activities cover reading, math, social studies, or STEM topics without the children being aware of it. They’ll like these projects whether you have an elementary school student, a preschooler, a toddler, or even a one-year-old. As an added benefit, most materials are things you probably already have around the house.

9. Indoor Gardening

The alternate source of happiness and pleasure is indoor gardening which will relieve stress and promote recovery; plants may help you to recover from your illness from the green home therapy, and most importantly, the quality of the indoors, which will automatically improve by growing plants. You will enjoy growing your own indoor plants with all your love and attention.

10. Give Each Other Makeovers

Who doesn’t like makeovers? Let’s take out your makeup pallets, nail paints, and hair brushes and implement them on you or your sibling. Moreover, if you want to make it fun and have a laugh hard? Just do a makeover with your eyes closed and see the final result. You will amaze to see your makeup skills. Then, have quality time with your loved one.

11. Make A Memory Box

Making a memory box is definitely one of the most interesting and easiest ways to have productive indoor activity. All you require is a cardboard box of your choice and any other form of your favorite memories from the past. It will make your bond stronger with the family or with your friends because every other person loves to see their self in someone else memory list. It will make you feel overwhelmed, and you can also present your memory box to your parents.

12. Family Dinner

Study says that eating together is important and will make you control your weight easier because families help control our stress level and give us pleasure. Improve mental health; also, strong bonded families are less worried and less stressed, especially those children who have a supportive family tend to get good grades and do much better compared to other kids; hence, family dinners play an important role.


With the increase in crime rate, pollution, and several diseases, indoor games are considered the most convenient and safe, especially for kids and teens.

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