What to Look for When Installing New Windows?

With so many window installation services, getting confused when shopping for new windows is easy. Unfortunately, it isn’t a buffet where you can decide to get a little bit of everything. When choosing new windows, you need to be specific and assertive with your desires. However, you can neither be specific nor assertive if you do not know what exactly to look out for. The good news is that we’re here to help.

We have gone far and beyond collecting information from window and door replacement experts and specialists, and after reading this post, you will be equipped with all necessary info regarding new windows purchase and installation. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

Which window style works best for your house?

The most popular window styles are the casement, awning, double-hung, bay, and sliding windows. Each of them comes with its pros and cons, but our favourite will have to be the casement windows, especially for the climate in Canada. We’ll describe a few of these window styles briefly, so you get the chance to decide which works best for your house and replacement project.

Casement windows

Casements are windows that have hinges at the side. This means that they are practically like doors that swing to the left or the right. Casement windows are popular for several reasons, and they also seem to be consumers’ favourite as well.

• Casement windows are stylish and versatile; this means they can work with any home look. There are many traditional and contemporary designs to choose from.

• Casement windows are the easiest windows to install, operate and maintain. Apart from the fact that the glass is easy to clean, the windows also offer a noiseless opening, unlike sliding windows.

• Casement windows are fantastic energy savers. But only if you go with Energy Star-rated units.

• It also counts that casement windows help in making you feel a little safer. The windows can serve as emergency escape routes when you are out of options.

• Casement windows also offer beautiful unobstructed views, unlike, for example, double-hung windows.

Awning Windows

Awning units, unlike casement windows, have their hinges at the top. This means they open outward and offer a stylish look of their own. Some perks of having awning windows are:

• They provide maximum privacy and security because of their small size.
• They can be fitted on high walls.
• Awning windows give a modern look.

Some of the cons are:

• Awning windows are more exposed to rain than any other type of window.
• Cleaning of awning windows can prove to be a herculean task, especially because of how they open.
• You would find it difficult to escape from an awning window if an emergency arises.

Double Hung Windows

A double-hung window is similar to a sliding window but hangs vertically and slides upwards and downwards. These units offer a good number of advantages:

• They are easy to clean because of how versatile they are.
• They also provide optimal ventilation.
• Double-hung windows are another energy-efficient option.

Some of the cons are:

• They are one of the expensive options.
• They require frequent maintenance, such as regular lubrication of the locks and pulley to prevent rusting.
• They are less tightly sealed than casement windows.

Sliding Windows

These are horizontally running windows that operate by sliding along the track.

• Sliding windows are aesthetically pleasing.
• They are easy to operate and maintain.
• They present a cost-effective option.

Some of the cons are;

• They could be pretty difficult to clean on the outside of the house, depending on the location.
• They could be quite noisy.
• They aren’t very versatile.

Key features to look out for before installing your window

• Energy Star Ratings

It’s vital to use windows that are Energy Star qualified because it means that these products have been verified, are of top-notch quality, and that they meet the energy efficiency guidelines. You should look out for ENERGY STAR Most Efficient models. Accepted models must have a  U-value of 1.05 W/m2 or lower, or an ER of 40 or higher.

• Triple Glazing

Triple glazed windows are windows with 3 panes of glass separated by two air-filled cavities, unlike double glazed glass, which have just two panes and are separated by a single air-filled cavity.

Triple glazed glass offers better energy saving because of the extra pane of glass. They also reduce more noise and help block out the sun’s damaging UV and Infrared rays. Yes, we know they cost a little more, but you eventually get your money’s worth.

• Choose vinyl

There are a number of window frame options available to you but our absolute favourite is the vinyl frame for many reasons, some of which are;

• Vinyl frames are affordable options for homeowners who want better insulation.

• Because of their versatility, you get several stylish options available to you just by choosing vinyl frames. They could have smooth, textured, or faux wood finishes, which make them a popular choice.

• Vinyl frames are easy to maintain, unlike wooden frames that are expensive and require a lot of maintenance as they are susceptible to rot and weathering in certain climates.

• Aluminum frames might be generally stronger, but they are prone to dents, corrosion, and fading, so we’d rather pick vinyl over aluminum any day.

The other options available to you are:

• Wooden frames

Wooden frames are always attractive and can last for a long time if you can deal with the high maintenance. Let’s not forget how susceptible wooden frames are to rot and weathering. Did we mention how expensive it can be as well? Vinyl offers the option of a wood-like finish which is why it is a good alternative.

• Aluminum frames

Aluminum frames are a popular option because they are rugged and long-lasting. They also happen to be low maintenance; however, they are expensive and not as efficient as the other options hence not a good choice for the Canadian climate.

Ensure you get the right installation!

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You must hire the right professionals to install your new windows. You want a team that will listen to you, answer your questions, get the work done correctly and be reasonably priced. Moreover, your installers should follow CSA guidelines and your local building code.

Now we can finally say ‘Happy Installation.’ We hope you enjoy your new windows.