3 Benefits From Installing A UTE Canopy

What’s the best part of your UTE? Is it the powerful engine, the ability to go anywhere, even off-road, or the nearly unlimited space in your rear tray? If it is the last one, you probably love that you can put just about anything back there and never worry about having enough space for everything.

The rear tray is the perfect part of your UTE to store anything you need, whether the tools and machines required for work as a contractor, the fishing and hunting equipment, or the furniture from your friend’s apartment who needed help removing the stuff into their new home.

The UTE has tons of benefits, and it’s no wonder so many people love them. Over 100,000 UTEs are being sold in Australia every year, which is around one-fourth of all vehicles sold. Australians love their UTEs, and they are ready to invest in them and make them better.

With this in mind, you might want to consider installing additional equipment in the rear tray. One thing you can do is to install a UTE canopy. This incredible toolbox makes your vehicle even more attractive and useful than before. If you want to know the benefits of installing a UTE, keep reading and find out more about it.

1. Getting way more space for transporting items

You bought your UTE because there is so much room in the back, but what if you can make even more room? To do that, you should install a canopy toolbox. But, what will the canopy do, and why is it so good? What makes people love these add-ons, and what is cool about them?

The canopy toolbox is different than the ordinary one because it is made to help owners get shelter when they are working inside the toolbox. This feature helps them stay off the rain or the sun, but you can also use it as a shelter depending on the type of canopy.

Many people who use their UTEs for traveling in the great outdoors will install canopies that are not only used for storing or transporting tools but are turned into mobile bedrooms. They have everything inside, from a bed to a small kitchenette, making travels unforgettable.

2. Ultimate protection of your belongings

Instead of leaving your rear tray open and accessible to anyone, you can cover it up with a toolbox. Some people will opt for a tonneau, but this provides little space for the more robust items. The tonneau only covers the top, limits the room, and prevents some items from fitting.

This is why a tonneau is not the best solution. The best solution is the canopy, which will provide enough room for your items and the safety you need. With a canopy, no one can access your belonging. There’s a lock at the door, and no one can reach inside. Only the person that has the key can access it.

Most canopies are made of aluminum, a material that is highly durable and won’t allow anyone to get through it. It is also perfect for all weather conditions. Water does not affect it, and the sun won’t melt it by keeping everything inside out of shape.

3. Increasing your vehicle’s value

Once you install the canopy, you no longer have the original version of your UTE. The UTE will have an entirely different price by having a canopy toolbox in the back. It provides a lot more value in your travels, but it also gives you more value when you decide to sell it.

Another thing is the look of the vehicle while you’re driving. It will look like a crossover between a UTE and a truck. The back is covered with protective compartments that look spectacular and make people look at your car. You will feel great knowing that everyone’s looking at it.

The new item in the back will transform the vehicle into a different transportation device. It will help you carry bigger items with safety and help you store anything in the back without fearing that someone may take them from you.


Being on the fence about whether to get yourself a toolbox canopy for your UTE means you need to know all benefits of installing one. The three points above are the most crucial benefits you must know, and if they are not something that makes you feel you should get a canopy, then don’t do it.

If you love having more room in the back of your vehicle, need more protection of everything you’re transporting, and would like to have the overall value of it increased, then getting a toolbox canopy is a great thing to do. Think about your options, and install one if you like the idea.