Why You Should Invest In A Sectional Sofa

Purchasing your first home is always an exciting new chapter in life. You feel like the puzzle pieces are finally falling into place in your life. A new chapter has opened up; being able to call a place your home and design it the way you’ve always dreamed of.

Whether you design your home in a modern minimalist style, a vintage rustic style, or a bohemian style, one piece of furniture that is vital, is a sofa. The living room/family room is the place where everyone gathers, enjoying laughs together and spreading the feelings of happiness and love. This can’t be properly done though without a nice big comfy sofa in the center of the room where everyone can gather and cozy up.

All piled up on the sofa sharing stories or watching films, there’s no better feeling than those moments together, all snuggled up on the sofa. Even if it’s just you on your own, curled up on the sofa hits differently than nestled in bed, and sometimes this is the exact feeling you need.

Sofa Shopping

After imagining this lovely scenario, the next question is, what type of sofa should I add to my home? There is an abundance of sofa variations out there such as the ottoman, armchair, loveseat, sectional, sofa beds, or a Chesterfield sofa from UK, all there serving the same purpose, to cater to your comfort and fit in your home.

After a long hard day at work, you crave the feeling of getting home, kicking off your shoes, and falling back into the soft cushions of your massive sofa.

No matter if you are one person, three, five, or seven, there is no such thing as having too big of a sofa. It’s a place where everyone can gather and have fun together and with a big sofa, no one will feel left out.

The Sectional Sofa

So then the next, out of all the sofa variations which come in a big size and would cater to my desire?

The answer to this is: a sectional sofa or as some call it/know it as, the modular sofa.

What is a sectional sofa? Well, it’s quite self-explanatory. It’s a sofa that has more than one section. It’s quite a common type of sofa where the sections of it are composed of multiple pieces that can be arranged in a number of different positions. Whether you want your sofa in a long horizontal line or an L shape, with the sectional sofa you can change it to the shape you desire.

Not only is this sofa massive so you can sprawl on it for a nap or fit several people on it at once, but at the same time it can be arranged in different ways, benefitting you for whatever the occasion may that has you using the sectional sofa.

Where to Find Your Sectional Sofa

After deciding that the sectional sofa is perfect for you and your home the next question is, where can I find the sofa of my dreams?

For anyone who has shopped for sofas before or is familiar with the sofa industry, they’ll know right off the bat that sofas aren’t a cheap investment at all. In fact, they’re quite expensive and the more customization you add, the more expensive it is.

Many sofa companies let you select the design or shape you want, and offer alternative fabrics options so you can change it to one that suits you more. Additionally, so you know what the fabric feels like and looks like in your home, companies have the option of shipping a swatch to your home so you can decide as to whether or not the chosen fabric is right for you and your home or not.

Of course, you have the option of just purchasing a sectional sofa you’ve heard from a friend, one that’s gotten good reviews, or one that you sat on in the store and liked, but many times, people choose to customise the sofa to how they want it.

Additionally, with people becoming more eco-friendly and changing their lifestyles to be more sustainable, so is the furniture industry.

Taking these two factors into consideration, custom sectional sofa with a sustainable material, the price will drastically increase but in the end, it’ll be worth it.

Lastly, transferring the sofa from the factory to your home is not always the easiest journey so it’s important that sofa companies have an efficient and friendly shipping process, further attracting customers.

The more friendly options the sofa company has with customization and shipping, the more likely people will order from them, spreading positive word of mouth, and gaining recognition for their sofas. So when looking for YOUR sofa, it is important to take these factors into consideration because this will be a high-involvement purchase, requiring lots of thought into the sofa.

In the end, once you have your dream sectional sofa in mind, next it’s time to take to a store to see if they have something similar to it in mind or with their customise services, if it’s possible to get the sofa of your dream, adding that perfect touch to your home.

Sofas in Los Angeles

The last question is, where can I find a sofa company that has all of these factors? Well, you’re in luck, if you live in the U.S that is!

CLAD Home in Los Angeles, which provides its customers with customisation options so they can create the perfect sofa for their home, is an eco-friendly brand, using sustainable materials, and lastly, not only do they have a store you can visit in LA, but they ship to 48 states, letting you pick your couch and have it shipped to your home (excluding Hawaii and Alaska).

So if you’re looking for a new sofa, sectional or not, in the US, with these factors, head over to the store or online and have the chance to find or customize the sofa for you!

Author Bio: Yanie Willie is a marketing executive at Pearl Lemon. Recently joining the team she’s been hopping around various teams, including content writing. When Yanie isn’t at work you can find her relaxing at home catching up on Netflix shows or writing in her journal and listening to music.