Common Issues You May Encounter When Travelling Abroad And How To Avoid Them

Travel is one of life’s great pleasures – an opportunity to broaden one’s horizons, see more of the world and take some valuable time away from the stresses of modern living. Whether you take a solo getaway or a family excursion, a good holiday abroad can be the perfect way to reduce stress and create happy memories.

But travel comes with its own unique set of obstacles, and without proper preparation can become much more stressful than it needs to be. What follows are three common issues encountered while on holiday, and the steps you could take to mitigate their impact on your downtime.

Invalid Travel Documents

One of the more common difficulties the average holidaymaker might encounter when going on holiday is the late discovery that a travel document is invalid. This may be an out-of-date passport, a visa for the wrong dates or even travel documents printed in the wrong language.

A fastidious approach to procuring documents before you travel can help you avoid this issue; make sure your passports will be in date at the time you travel, and be sure to research the documentation requirements of your destination country before you proceed. It can also help to keep the phone number of the UK embassy in your destination country to hand, in case you encounter issues at the border.

Accidents and Health Issues

The vast majority of holidaymakers enjoy their getaway without much in the way of a hindrance – but on rare and unfortunate occasions, it may be that a member of your party suffers an accident or injury. This is, so to speak, unavoidable, since there is no predicting when an accident might occur. However, you can prepare as best you can for the possibility.

Ensuring you have health insurance for your trip can make all the difference, especially in countries with private healthcare systems that could result in significant costs for treatment. It may well be that the accident wasn’t the fault of the victim, giving rise to the possibility of a compensation claim.

In this case, it would be wise to consult with a solicitor specialising in personal injury on your safe arrival home – after gathering as much evidence and testimony as you can surrounding the incident.

Non-Working Payment Cards

This is a vanishingly rare occurrence in the modern age, but sometimes travellers can find it difficult to access their money due to a faulty or otherwise non-working credit or debit card. More commonly, holidaymakers can lose their purses or wallet entirely, effectively stranding them without money.

This can be avoided by giving yourself access to money via different routes. Bringing cash as well as cards can help you in a pinch, while keeping other contactless payment solutions on you can ensure you retain access to your bank even after losing a card or two. Some banks offer an emergency withdrawal code, which enables you to take out local currency at an ATM without your card.