Top 5 Japanese Whiskies in Singapore

Over the past few years, Japanese whisky has become more popular. In addition to a gain in popularity, bottles of this great whisky have become harder to find and more expensive to buy. Distilleries in Japan struggle to meet the demand because of the rapid growth.

To overcome this issue many brands have started offering some great new blends and no age whiskies to enjoy. Many of the no age whiskies are the perfect choice for a cocktail. Make sure that when you are looking for Japanese whisky that you do a bit of research because there are some that are being made in other countries and just bottled in Japan.

There is a reason that Japanese whisky is so sought after and there are some truly great ones to try. Here are the top five Japanese whiskies in Singapore.

1. Yamazaki 12-Year-Old

The best overall Japanese whisky is Suntory’s Yamazaki 12-Year-old. This bottle of whisky is probably the most well-known and one of the reasons for this is because it is so good. Once upon a time, you could find a bottle of Yamazaki 12-year-old quite easily.

However, it has become a bit more difficult to find and the price is now around $200 a bottle. This whisky is a single malt that has floral and fruity hints. It may remind you of a scotch, but definitely has a style all of its own. For those who want to explore Japanese whisky, this is a good place to begin.

2. Hakushu 12-Year-Old

Another wonderful single malt Japanese whisky is the Hakushu 12-year-old. Single malt in Japan means the same thing that it does in Scotland, the whisky was made at one distillery using malted barley. This great whisky from Hakushu is made in the Japanese Alps. The nose of the Hakushu 12-year-old offers herbaceous and woody smells.

There are some great fruit notes to this whisky that have a light peat backbone. Perhaps what makes this whisky truly special is that it is made from water that comes directly from the mountains located in the forest that is close to the distillery. This secret ingredient is what makes aHakushu 12-year-old really stand out above the crowd.

3. Nikka Coffey Grain

For those who want to try Japanese whisky with a little bit lower of a price tag, Nikka Coffey Grain is a wonderful choice. This whisky is named for Aeneas Coffey who invented the continuous still.

The whisky is made mostly from corn instead of barley that is used in a single malt. The corn provides the whisky with a creamier texture and a sweetness that will likely appeal to those who are typically bourbon drinkers. Nikka Coffey Grain offers hints of baking spices and aromas of vanilla. This is a perfect drink for a warm summer night. It also goes well in many cocktails.

4. Suntory Toki

Suntory Toki offers a great blend of some of the best whiskies made by Suntory. This is a great whisky to use in Highballs. The flavor offers notes of almonds, pink grapefruit, and a light finish of vanilla. A simple mix with a squeeze of a lemon and some sparkling water makes a perfect highball to enjoy on a summer night.

5. Akashi White Oak

Many of the Japanese whiskies that are aged come with a high price tag and can be difficult to find. If you just want to try a good solid Japanese whisky and do not mind if it is not aged, Akashi White Oak is an excellent choice. This blended whisky is aged in several types of casks including bourbon, sherry, and shochu.

This provides the whisky with a complexity that has everything that regular scotch drinkers tend to love. The blended whisky offers a richness of American Oak and has smoky peat undertones. The leather on the finish makes this a truly enjoyable whisky.

These are just a few of the Japanese whiskies you can find throughout Singapore. If you have been waiting to try this trendy drink, go buy a bottle and enjoy it.