100 Interesting and Creative Jeep Names For You

Jeeps are one of the most popular choices of vehicles among off-road enthusiasts because of their classic design, durability, and customizability. Most jeep owners are passionate about their vehicles and lifestyle, so you can bet that they named their jeeps with as much thought and heart as they would in naming their kids or pets.

If you, too, love your jeep, here are some jeep names to get your creative juices flowing.

100 Interesting and Creative Jeep Names

Badass Jeep Names


#1. Nightcrawler

A Marvel mutant superhero from the X-men franchise who can be invisible in the shadows.

#2. Punisher

A fictional anti-hero from Marvel comics known by an iconic symbol set against a black background.

#3. Rocky

Also known as the Italian Stallion, he is a famous fictional boxer portrayed by Sylvester Stallone.

#4. Diablo

Spanish word for “devil.” It may also pertain to the role-playing game Diablo: The Lord of Terror.

#5. Jarvis

Celtic name for a servant. It is also the AI created by Tony Stark named JARVIS (Just A Really Very Intelligent System).

#6. Optimus Prime

A fictional extraterrestrial species and leader of the Autobots in the Transformers franchise.

#7. Ragnar

A legendary 9th-century Viking hero who is also a Danish and Swedish King known for his exploits.

#8. Aphrodite

Famous Greek goddess associated with love and beauty and related to lust, passion, and pleasure.

#9. Nemesis

Greek winged goddess who enacts divine retribution against those with arrogance before the Gods.

#10. Gladiator

A skilled swordsman from the Roman era.

Cool Jeep Names

Cool Jeep

#11. Mystique

Meaning a fascinating aura of awe and mystery, it also refers to a Marvel fictional mutant character with shapeshifting ability.

#12. Cleopatra

Renowned queen and last active ruler of Egypt.

#13. Cruella

Based on the Disney character Cruella de Vil of the 101 Dalmatians franchise.

#14. Titan

A race of former gods before the Olympians.

#15. Xena

A fictional protagonist more famously known as the Warrior Princess.

#16. Roadrunner

The fast-running bird usually found in the deserts. Roadrunner is also a Looney Tunes cartoon character.

#17. Ghost Rider

A Marvel comic book character whose flesh is consumed by hellfire.

#18. Spartan

In Greek, it refers to the people of Sparta who are self-disciplined and frugal.

#19. Artemis

The Greek goddess related to hunting, wild animals, and nature.

#20. Goliath

Referring to the well-known Philistine giant mentioned in the Bible.

Funny Jeep Names

Funny Jeep

#21. Shrek

The fictional protagonist ogre from the Shrek series.

#22. Angry Bird

A popular game featuring a flock of birds defending their eggs against green pigs.

#23. Bigfoot

Also known as Sasquatch, it is a bipedal ape-like creature known to leave big footprints, resulting in the name.

#24. Herbie

Also known as the Love Bug, it is a sentient Volkswagen Beetle that drives itself and competes in driving competitions.

#25. Major Payne

A marine character from a movie of the same name.

#26. Dirty Gertie

Based on a character in the film Dirty Gertie From Harlem U.S.A.

#27. Bromobile

A spin on Batman’s batmobile.

#28. Ugly Betty

Based on the TV series featuring a smart and hardworking protagonist with a peculiar fashion sense.

#29. Deadpool

The popular Marvel antihero mercenary known for his scarred appearance and mutant abilities.

#30. Covid

Based on the virus that caused a pandemic and means “the spoiler of vacations.”

Cute Jeep Names

Cute Jeep

#31. Bestie

A slang for “best friend.”

#32. Luna

Latin for “moon,” and it is also a character in Harry Potter (Luna Lovegood).

#33. Jellybean

Small colorful bean-shaped sugar candies with unique flavors.

#34. Lucky Charm

An object that brings luck to the owner and may also refer to the popular breakfast cereal.

#35. Pop Tart

Famous brand of the toaster pastry by Kellogg’s.

#36. Munchkin

Generally meaning a child or small person, “munchkin” are also characters from The Wizard of Oz.

#37. Tic Tac

A well-known brand of small, hard mints.

#38. Bonbon

A small confection covered in chocolate.

#39. Buttercup

A small cup-shaped yellow flower, often associated with a person who is soft and harmless.

#40. Lightning McQueen

Lightning McQueen is the protagonist character from the Pixar movie Cars.

Black Jeep Names

Black Jeep

#41. Raven

A large-bodied black bird. This name is also associated with a human-demon hybrid character from Teen Titans.

#42. Umbreon

This is an evolution of the pokemon Eevee known as the Moonlight Pokémon.

#43. Grim or Grimm

Refers to the Grimm brothers, known for their bone-chilling tales. Grim is also the large black wolf or omen of death in the Harry Potter series.

#44. Midnight

The darkest part of the night.

#45. Onyx

A mineral known for its black color.

#46. Noir

French for black.

#47. Night Fury

The rarest, fastest, and smartest dragon species in the movie How To Train Your Dragon.

#48. Black Mamba

A highly venomous snake species, and the famous moniker for Kobe Bryant.

#49. Black Widow

Notoriously poisonous arachnid species, and the Marvel character who was a Russian spy turned Avenger.

#50. The Black Pearl

The infamous pirate ship from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

White Jeep Names

White Jeep

#51. Marshmallow

The white and fluffy confection.

#52. Avalanche

This rapid downward flow of snow is also appropriate for your ride.

#53. Casper

Based on the movie Casper The Friendly Ghost.

#54. Ghost

A ghost is usually depicted by a white floating sheet.

#55. Le Blanc

The French word for “The White One.”

#56. Walter White

The main character in Breaking Bad.

#57. White Walker

An ancient race of formerly-human ice creatures in The Game of Thrones series.

#58. Winter

Refers to the snow-centric season.

#59. Moon

A heavenly body that provides light at night.

#60. Serenity

A state of being peaceful and calm; usually depicted using the color white.

Red Jeep Names

Red Jeep

#61. Blaze

A name for the fierce burning fire.

#62. Scarlett

A French name meaning red.

#63. Phoenix

A mythical immortal bird of Greek origin associated with the sun.

#64. Cherry Pie

A delicious pie with cherry filling, bright red in color.

#65. Crimson

Refers to the rich, deep red color.

#66. Hot Rod

A vehicle modified for extra speed and power.

#67. Ruby

A precious stone with a deep crimson color.

#68. Firecracker

A loud, explosive firework that’s typically colored red.

#69. Iron Man

One of the most beloved Marvel superheroes with a bright red and gold suit.

#70. Inferno

Refers to the hell in Dante’s Divine Comedy.

Silver Jeep Names

Silver Jeep

#71. Silver Surfer

A humanoid with metallic skin from Marvel Comics.

#72. Ash

The solid remnants of fire with gray-white color.

#73. Mercury

This is a chemical element with a silver color, commonly known as quicksilver.

#74. Metallica

The famous heavy metal band.

#75. Moonlight

The light rays of the moon.

#76. Titanium

Another chemical element described as a hard, silver-gray metal.

#77. Blade

Associated with the edge of a knife or sharp object.

#78. Axiom

The name of the luxury cruise ship in the Pixar animation, Wall-E.

#79. Silver Fox

A fox that has black fur with white tips, giving it a silvery appearance.

#80. Tron

Based on the Tron series, depicting futuristic tech, usually silver to bluish in color.

Blue Jeep Names

Blue Jeep

#81. Celeste

In Latin, it means “heavenly.”

#82. Cerulean

A deep blue color like the sky.

#83. Deja Blu

A play on “deja vu.”

#84. Sapphire

A precious stone with a transparent blue color.

#85. Poseidon

The Greek god of the sea.

#86. Sonic

The blue hedgehog protagonist from the video game series Sonic.

#87. Sully

The main character in Pixar’s Monster Inc. who has shaggy aqua fur.

#88. Cookie Monster

The blue Muppet from the Sesame Street TV show who loves cookies.

#89. Azure

A bright blue shade.

#90. Smurf or Smurfette

Refers to the animation franchise, The Smurfs, featuring small blue elf-like creatures.

Yellow Jeep Names

Yellow Jeep

#91. Bumblebee

The small yellow Volkswagen Beetle from the Transformers franchise.

#92. Spark

A small particle from fire or electricity.

#93. Canary

An African bird, typically yellow in color.

#94. Blondie

A nickname usually used for a blond-haired lady.

#95. Amber

A yellowish hard, translucent fossilized resin.

#96. Big Bird

The large yellow bird Muppet from Sesame Street.

#97. Pikachu

The famous mascot of the Pokémon franchise.

#98. Midas

A famous king from Greek mythology who turns everything he touches into gold.

#99. Soleil

The French translation for “sun.”

#100. Saffron

The most expensive spice that produces a golden yellow color in food.

How to Name Your Jeep: 4 Tips


#1. Color

Basing the name on its color would be the most obvious option, and it also offers the easiest and most fun choices.

#2. Gender

Most car owners refer to their vehicle as he or she, so you can immediately rule out a large chunk of the name options based on your preferred gender for your jeep.

#3. Hobbies/Interests

Usually, people get a jeep to reflect their lifestyle, so you could name it based on that.

#4. Favorite Character

Opt for a favorite character from books, movies, or games.