How to Keep High School Friendships in College

After high school, almost all of us took different paths to our life goals. New people, working environments, and new lifestyles can make us forget all about the cheerful time spent in high school.

Nevertheless, there are many ways to stay in touch with your high school friends while in college. Believe it or not, you can even spend more time with them than ever before.

This is article is a shout-out to all high school buddies who will be doing a reunion right after reading it!

Keep High School Friendships in College – Here’s How

The smile on your face when you see your high school buddy tells it all!

However, when college obligations start squeezing out your free time, it’s hard to organize a proper meeting. There are many ways how to keep high school friendships while colleagues and many of them are familiar to all of us.

Following are some:

  • Remember the shared moments of happiness and friendship: Keeping in mind your high school experience will motivate you to contact your old friends and hang out with them.
  • Don’t ignore your high school buddies because of your newly found ones: The new circle of friends usually replaces the previous one. If you start noticing this, pick up the phone and call your best high school buddy!
  • Remember the important dates and details about your high school friends: When you know the exact date of each of your friends’ birthdays, it’s very hard to avoid contacting them and at least chit-chatting for a little bit.
  • Reach out – it won’t solely suffice to think of your high-school friend, but whenever you feel the need to hang out, give them a call and initiate!

We all know how time-consuming are college activities, and managing your spare time is crucial for keeping up with your old friends.

You can keep your high school buddies as a dessert after finishing all your college obligations.

This will make you think of them as a source of enjoyment and mutual entertainment that will help you take a breath after a toilsome academic day.

Why High School Relationships Start Crumbling after College?

There can be numerous answers to this question, but the most convenient one is that the different interests do put a psychological distance between two individuals.

Think about it – when you were in high school, you probably didn’t know what exactly you would like to become when you grow up – career-wise or otherwise. And the same is true for the people you knew at the time.

However, different interests and hobbies can make even the best friends forget about each other.

You can tackle this problem by just remembering all the meaningful hours you spent together and analyzing the real memories that will remain with you forever.

How to keep high school friendships in college is a matter of your psychological and spiritual condition, not the location of your college or the nature of your studies.

Keeping High School Friendships in College – A Burden or a Relief?

Let’s be honest, the accumulation of new friendships and the increased college obligations can leave you very little time for your high school buddies.

Hanging out with them can sometimes be a burden and your grades, as well as your whole academic career, may suffer because of this.

Nonetheless, keeping high school friendships in college can be a big relief! Imagine that you’ve been studying for a week or two and you’ve been taking exams day by day. Now, imagine that you finish your session and the sun has risen, the birds are singing, and the first thing you might want to do is call your best high school buddy and hang out on a beautiful day. But then, you might want to spare yourself the hangout and spend the day alone.

Following are some basic benefits and drawbacks of too much hanging with your old friends:

Pros: Cons:
Great social adventures Returning to old habits and living standards
Happiness and fulfillment Harder career development
Social and psychological security Harder acquiring of new ideas and skills
Available friends

A Final Say

Finding a good buddy is hard and keeping him/her beside you is even harder. However, with a common goal of meaningful friendship and mutual understanding, everything is possible.

Friendships are something to be cultivated and you can even make a plan for how to keep high school friendships in college. We recommend that this plan of yours also includes your future life and career projections.

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All in all, high school friendships can be very beneficial for you as long as they don’t interfere with your college or life goals.