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Keep Your Mental Health Strong In 2020

If you’re like many people around the world, cabin fever is starting to set in. In 2020, most of us have learned how to conquer the art of indoor living. Vacations turned into trips to the backyard, and most of us surf the internet instead of heading toward the beach.

However, with every set of challenges, there’s an opportunity for things that brighten up our lives a little more. Even if we’re not outdoors or on the road quite as much this year, we’re taking time out to spend with friends and family. We’re all learning that it’s quality time spent with loved ones that make life what it is, not the money we spend, the things we buy, or even the places we go.

Counting Your Blessings

Being aware of the things that make you fortunate is a good strategy for coping with difficult times, but it doesn’t necessarily eliminate restlessness. While 2020 has us all working from home, studying from home, and living our lives tucked safely in our nests, it doesn’t mean the urge for adventure doesn’t strike from time to time.

As we head into the colder and darker months of winter, it’s crucial to find ways to keep fun and spontaneity alive. If you find yourself staring at the end of 2020 with a restless spirit and a desire to catch the first flight anywhere, you may just need to spice up your routine.

Engage, Celebrate, and Enjoy

An active mind is too engaged with the world to leave room for anxiety, depression, or boredom. One of the greatest challenges presented this past year has been a lack of opportunity to do the things we enjoy.

Whether it’s attending a concert, a club, a casino, or a sporting event, those experiences lift our moods and help us embrace the simple joys in life. Often, it’s a much-needed respite from too many hours at the office or the stresses of family life.

It’s essential to find new and different ways to enjoy the same things you always did. You can check out a virtual concert online, watch the game at home with a few close friends, check out a new sports betting site online, or throw an impromptu dance party on your balcony. As long as you’re engaged in something, it’s unlikely you’ll feel bored.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

Everyone has things they’re thankful for, even if it’s hard to keep that perspective at times. When things get challenging and you feel your mental health is beginning to struggle against the world’s weight, it’s important to get back on track quickly.

A gratitude journal can help you become a mentally and emotionally centered person. Allowing yourself to consistently be reminded of the things that inspire an appreciative and thankful mentality takes the focus off of things you’ve lost or reminders of what you no longer have.

The good things in life are everywhere, even during times of great turmoil. Most of us begin to experience depression, anxiety, and boredom when we no longer see the things we appreciate.

Life is short. Don’t take anything for granted.

Don’t Underestimate Laughter

The next time you feel so overwhelmed that you want to sit down and cry or just run off somewhere, do something that makes you laugh. Most people don’t want to laugh when things are causing depression, anxiety, or frustration.

However, once something genuinely funny happens, laughter releases chemicals that go a long way to curing hopelessness. Watching a funny movie on TV or chatting with a friend won’t fix the world or your own problems. However, it may just give you the dose of courage you need to face them bravely and confidently.

Beat the 2020 Blues With Positive Thinking

This year has put many of us through challenges we never thought we’d endure, much less meet with a brave face. Whether it’s an illness, the loss of a loved one, financial hardship, or mental health challenges, a resilient spirit is the best asset.

Those who believe things can get better are the most likely to make it so. In the meantime, it’s important to remember to try to have fun, laugh, and be thankful for the small things that bring joy. Together, we’ll all make it through to 2021!

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