How to Keep Your Summer Look All Year Long

With the summer now beginning to come to an end, you might be reluctant to say goodbye to your sun-kissed appearance. Then, if you want to put off returning to your usual winter style, here are some of the top steps that you can follow to ensure that you can keep your summer look throughout the fall and beyond.

1. Find a Tanning Gym

A big part of your summer look may be glowing skin, with many people finding that their skin looks healthier and brighter from June to August. Then, rather than wave your glowing skin away, you should consider finding gyms with tanning near you. These centers offer tanning salons alongside all of their usual fitness equipment. This will allow your skin to remain tanned even if you are struggling to find enough sun to enable you to catch its rays.

2. Get Highlights

Throughout the summer, you may find that parts of your hair started to bleach, giving you natural highlights. Then, rather than prepare for the block color that your hair will revert to in the fall months, you should consider asking for highlights the next time you see a hairstylist. They will be able to give your hair a beach-worthy makeover that gives your hair vitality regardless of you can spend your days at the seaside.

3. Get Beach Waves

Although you might believe that your hair turns into a frizzy mess at the seaside, beach waves are always in fashion. Then, you should learn how to create these artificially all year round. You can achieve beach waves with a curling iron. However, to make sure that your hair stays healthy and looks good, you should ensure that you do not over style it, and that you add heat protection spray on your hair beforehand, as this will keep it from getting burned and from becoming too dry.

4. Choose Bright Colors

However, the summer is not the same without a variety of bright colors in both your clothing and your make-up. Whether you enjoyed traveling to festivals with vivid eyeshadow in blues, reds and greens, or whether you adore wearing colorful and patterned sundresses all summer long, you can instantly maintain your summer look by continuing to wear bright colors throughout the fall.

Although it can be tempting to opt straight for neutrals as soon as the colder weather hits, choosing zany jumpers and T-shirts can help you to keep summer in your heart, even once the winter months have arrived.

5. Moisturize

The winter months can dry out your skin, though, with the cold winds and temperatures doing a great deal of damage. Then, you must make sure that you continue to moisturize twice a day throughout the winter and ensure that you cover all of the potentially driest areas of your face.

By moisturizing your face effectively, you will keep your skin refreshed. You might also consider using a body moisturizer to ensure that all of your skin remains soft regardless of the season.