Tips On Keeping The Marital Flame Alive

Marriage is a beautiful thing. You can meet a stranger, fall in love with him/her, and finally choose to spend the rest of your life together! It is quite magical when you think about it. Life as we know it can never be perfect. In any case, marriage is a crucial part of life, meaning there can never be a perfect one.

Preparing Yourself to Become a Better Spouse

Sometimes the spark dims, and you begin to wish back the days before your wedding; when dating your spouse filled you with excitement and spontaneity. However, now that you are married, you can feel that excitement dying. Please don’t feel guilty; it happens to most couples. Sometimes, it just takes rekindling that joy you once had, which you can achieve in three simple ways.

Spend Quality Time Together

We are always racing against time: keeping up with children, work, emails, social media, friends, family, schedules, and deadlines. All these activities can become overwhelming, and you might find yourself spending less and less time with your spouse.

Consequently, you end up neglecting your relationship, resulting in your partner feeling unwanted. Whenever you find yourself heading in that direction, it is crucial to take a step back and rearrange your priorities.

Spending time with someone is generally intentional, and the same applies to spending time with your spouse. Make time for them even on busy days, as it shows that you are thinking about them even when life is driving you nuts!

However, it can also become monotonous, making matters worse for you. This means that you’ll have to create exciting ways of spending time together, e.g., going on dates, walks to the park, cuddling before sleeping, or taking a mini-vacation together.

Get Intimate

Some spouses can survive in a marriage without intimacy. However, it plays a vital part in most relationships, hence why you need to work on it. According to research, lack of intimacy in marriage can significantly affect your relationship quality.

Sexual intimacy can fail due to various reasons, and this can easily cause frustration for both partners. However, this should not affect your relationship significantly. If you or your spouse feel a lack of sexual intimacy, the next viable step is to consult a sex therapist. It is also essential to ensure you are emotionally intimate with your partner. Doing this allows you to become vulnerable, thus connecting more in-depth with the love of your life.

Communicate Frequently

As the saying goes, communication is vital. Effective communication is the key to your spouse’s thoughts and feelings. According to research, couples need to communicate effectively if they want a long-lasting and fulfilling marriage. Expressing your thoughts and emotions to your partner shows that you love and trust them, which builds a stronger bond for your spousal relationship.

Communication does not necessarily mean that you ultimately have to sit down and talk verbally; a significant part depends on nonverbal cues. Your facial expressions and body language say more than your words. Whenever you talk to your spouse, remember to maintain eye contact as it shows you are paying attention.


Let’s not forget that everyone has a love language. Take time to understand your partner’s love language, and you will be one step closer to marital bliss. Being the better half can sometimes be overwhelming. Nonetheless, always remember to take care of yourself even as you take care of your spouse.