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The Top 6 Kitchen Design Trends to Follow in 2021

More people are buying new homes, or are renovating their old ones especially since the pandemic knocked at our doors. Well, I have something to share too.

Nope, this article isn’t about real estate.

Well, this think-piece is about home designs, and what trends you must be following to design a new home or the ones you are renovating. These trends include colors, materials, and all the other accessories in a home that people in the majority are buying.

Below, I’ve compiled 6 trends that you must look at while remodeling your house. So, without further ado, let’s dive straight in!

1. Brown seems to be making a comeback

Most designers and housebuilders are loving brown this year and it’s time you must explore it too. However, it is not just the old-school solid brown color. There’s an upsurge in the usage of a variety of shades of brown. This includes taupes, beiges, sands. All earth tones are given greater emphasis.

Right from their office’s furniture to walls at homes, to even wallpapers – there’s not one area where brown hasn’t sneaked in. If you do not want to feel left out, you might want to consider brown in your interiors. No wonder the color is soft and enticing and sometimes also gives your home a vintage look. Well, in the end, it’s all about your choices and preferences.

2. White isn’t going anywhere, anytime

Brown might have made a comeback but white and its shades never left the market. It has always been one of the favorite picks of most house owners. Especially for Kitchen renovations, it’s a great pick.

However, instead of plain, simple white, it will be better if you go with something more inviting and exciting, like a darker jewel tone. They envelop the room, be it the kitchen, or any other room, and make it feel really cozy and comforting.

From wallpaper to furniture, people are embracing monochrome colors. Sometimes, it also helps one claim chivalry, for the absolute class, white and its shades offer.

3. Wood never goes off style

When we talk about wood, there is so much variety that you can explore. For instance, at the moment, super light wood tones are enjoying the limelight. This means people aren’t looking so much towards darker walnuts and mahoganies.

Light wood cabinets, floors, and island details never fail to make your house look grand, making it a top request for many home buyers. French oak and white oak are also quite popular.

Among so many things that wood has to offer, what excites me the most is the organic wood tones in kitchens and bathrooms. All natural wood elements are great additions to such aspects of your house.

4. Handmade Tile is really taking off

When it comes to showing little quirks and variations in texture, something as simple as a white square tile, handmade tiles are stealing the show.

Wherever you add it, it will add more character to the space, be it your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or bedroom.

5. Natural Materials are the new talk-of-the-town

There was a time when engineered surfaces were in trend and people loved them for their durability and easy maintenance. But now, people are shifting to natural materials, because nothing compares the look and feel of natural materials.

Natural materials like marble and other stones, or even real wood flooring, have evolved to be people’s favorites. The thing with materials like marble, brass, polished nickel, oiled or waxed floors, is that, although they are vulnerable to age, they can be brought back to life, pretty easily.

6. Curves, curves, and curves

Curves are definitely the talk of the town, and this time we are talking about furnishings, upholstery, and case goods.

People are enjoying curves in their coffee tables, light fixtures, sofas, and side tables. They are luxurious when it comes to designs, and also break the monotony that straight lines create.

Over to you…

Sticking to trends isn’t everything. You still can design your perfect house, with or without them. However, if you need inspiration, trends can offer you some guidance but the final decision should always be your own comfort and choices.

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