What You Should Know About OB-GYN Physicians

Going to a gynecologist soon? Ready to give birth? We hear ya. You shouldn’t feel ashamed about going to an OBGYN physician, as doing so can make your life much easier, especially if you’ve been feeling like something’s wrong lately or if you’ve just gotten pregnant.

There are a surprising number of things that many women don’t know about OB-GYN physicians and how they can give you a helping hand. We hope that we can shed some new information on you through this article.

Your OBGYN Physician Can Help You With Your Weight

That’s right, gynecologists and obstetricians can help you manage your weight. Sure, they’re no exactly dietitians or nutritionists, but if you go to your gynecologist once a year or if you visit an obstetrician to plan a diet for your pregnancy, you’ll have a much easier time staying in your desired weight range.

As part of this monitoring, your OB-GYN can check and test for diabetes and other similar diseases, which are often linked to being overweight or obese.

They Use Small Talk To Help You Relax

Are you getting too attached to your OB-GYN because he or she connects really well with you through speech? Don’t take it the wrong way. OBGYNs commit to small talk to make you feel more comfortable and relax your muscles. This is one of the reasons why many OB-GYN jobs postings require sociable skills among other things.

Oh, and that’s probably the easiest part of the job. The next fact will make a lot of people feel cringe as they read.

OBGYNs Encounter Every Type of Bodily Fluid

Yupp. Being an OBGYN isn’t easy. They’ve been vomited on, peed on, pooped on; there’s not really a bodily fluid that they haven’t encountered. Few people would be willing to put themselves through this. However, it comes part and parcel with an OBGYN’s job.

And, as a patient, you should be aware of this and you shouldn’t feel ashamed. You’re not the only one to “spill the beans” on your doctor, especially if you’re going through a tough period. Seriously, don’t worry about it too much. They probably won’t care that much either.

Keep Good But Basic Hygiene

You’ll obviously want to keep good hygiene habits when visiting your OBGYN physician. However, don’t take it to the extreme. The fewer products and foreign substances you use for hygiene purposes, in general, the better. That means you should refrain from the frequent use of cleansing products. Aside from gentle soaps, water is the best way to stay clean without risking irritation, rashes, and even infections.

Be Upfront When Discussing Issues About… Anything

As stated in an earlier paragraph, you shouldn’t feel ashamed when seeing and talking to your gynecologist. Moreover, you should be straightforward when discussing any issue. Don’t be ashamed about giving even the smallest of details, as that is often the best and most effective way of distinguishing one issue from another.

Female OGBYN Practitioners Are On The Rise

Feeling a little too shameful about seeing a male OBGYN specialist? Don’t worry, there are many aspiring women who want to practice OB-GYN as their full time job in the future. Even now you shouldn’t have trouble finding one near you. However, in a couple of years, they might even outtake men in this field of medical practice.

The Bottom Line

Becoming and staying an OBGYN is no easy task. There are a lot of things that these medical specialists need to do and a lot of stuff that they need to put up with in order to maintain great patient satisfaction.

As a female patient, you should really feel comfortable visiting such a specialist, and you should do it regularly to make sure that your health is in top notch condition any given time of the year. Leave us a comment if you’ve learned anything new.