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Are Ziplines Safe? What You Need To Know About Ziplining

Ziplining is a great way of stepping outside of your comfort and facing your fear of heights. If you’re up for the challenge, there are thousands of zipline attractions located around the world which invite you to climb, swing, and zipline your way through aerial obstacle courses. Are you brave enough?

If not, why not? There’s nothing quite like the thrill of soaring through the air with the ground below your feet. It’s not as scary as most people think either. You just need to make sure you’re prepared in advance and know exactly what’s in store. 

So here’s everything that beginners need to know about zipline safety.

What is the Standard Zipline Equipment?

To secure you into place, there are various pieces of safety equipment involved. Zipline companies have a duty to keep their customers safe, and this starts and ends with using high-quality, fool-proof safety equipment. The 3 most important parts of zipline equipment include:

1. The rope/clipping system

AKA a carabiner system. It’s the ‘ropes, pulleys, and lanyards’ that lock you into place and carry you safely down the zipline. 

LockD Clips has developed the most advanced integrated carabiner system on the market with its innovative “always-locked” design that’s been specifically designed for recreation parks. Their locking and clipping system uses a ‘Tweezle Key’ mechanism which is easy and straightforward to use, even by the most nervous zipline novices. It’s all about streamlining the whole process for both participants and operators.

2. Harness

The harness is the part that you, the zipliner, will slip and fit into. They’re designed to be a comfortable fit and 100% safe and secure for zipliners of all shapes and sizes. Zipline operators check for wear and tear daily. 

3. Helmet

Zipliners will also wear a helmet to protect their head from potential injury. It should be properly strapped onto the head and free from any cracks or damage. Never underestimate the importance of a helmet!

There are Things The Zipliner Can Do Too

Rest assured the zipline safety equipment will keep you safe. But there are precautions that every zipliner can take to maximize their own safety too. 

1. Wear Appropriate Clothing

Choose clothing that’s comfortable, breathable, and free from any loose hangings. Close-toed shoes are advised too. Flip=flops are an absolute no-no!

2. Listen Carefully To Your Briefing

The most important thing you can do is listen carefully to the guide or operator’s safety briefing. Follow the instructions and obey every rule without fail. 

3. Empty Your Pockets

Always empty your pockets to avoid losing any valuable belongings and injuring fellow participants below. 

So, are ziplines safe?

The simple answer is yes, ziplines are very safe. Zipline and adventure park operators do all they can to protect you. 

Just remember that ziplining also isn’t for everyone. Be brave, but only if you’re ready and up for the challenge. Be aware that ziplining also has a weight limit. And pregnant women are advised against participating too. 

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