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Get Educated: Knowing The Causes Of ED

ED, otherwise known as Erectile Dysfunction is a problem that plagues many men. It is estimated, from a 2018 review, that it affects about a third of men worldwide. The causes may vary, and the treatments are varied. This condition is incredibly common, therefore the worries surrounding your ED, may be impacting it further.

Therefore, learning about the causes and ways in which to combat it, may allow you to enjoy a healthier sexual lifestyle again. Treatment may involve some type of medication. Tadalafil is a tried and tested form of treatment with impeccable results. However, learning the possible causes and changing your lifestyle, will complement any medication you take. 

The possible causes of ED

These causes vary for many reasons. It is known that lifestyle factors can play a leading role in ED. Mental health problems can also exacerbate the issue. Therefore it’s important to know how it starts. This problem appears more often with age progression. About 5% of men of 45 years have impotence and this percentage rises to 25% in men of 65 years.

Since the late 1980s, consultations for establishment problems have begun to rise gradually, because little by little they have begun to talk more about issues of sexuality at the grassroots level. The emergence of Viagra in 1998 also led to a marked increase in consultations regarding the use of this drug, one of which is known as Superman pills. This revealed the high precipitation of erectile dysfunction in the population. 

Physical causes

About 70% of cases of erectile dysfunction are the result of organic causes. Diseases or injuries that affect the nerves or blood vessels are among the most important. This is because the establishment depends on the stimulus and the nerve response, and the supply of blood to the penis. Among the most common lifestyle causes are the following:

Diabetes: Diabetes can damage the nerves of the penis. 

High blood pressure: This can affect the way the blood vessels of the penis work. 

High cholesterol: Cholesterol blocks the arteries of the penis. 

Drug and alcohol use: Nicotine and alcohol abuse can slow the body down. 

Obesity: Obesity can affect the penis and your body in general. 

Psychological causes

Certain factors such as feelings of insecurity, persistent frustrations, and traumas created from childhood can translate into a problem of sexual impotence. When the problem arises for these reasons, treatment can be complex. This does not mean that there are no effective alternatives, on the contrary, psychology has progressed a lot in this sense.

But the great enemy in these cases is the unconsciousness of the problem by the sufferer. It is estimated that only 18% of people who have erectile dysfunction for psychological reasons, consult the therapist. Just over 30% clearly talk to their partner. Those who suffer with depression or anxiety may find that they are not as easily able to maintain their erection. This is completely normal.  

How to combat the problem

Speaking to your doctor is best. However, making changes to your lifestyle is going to have a big impact too. Therefore let’s break things down further to help you make a positive change.

Change your diet

The whole range of Mediterranean foods are excellent for avoiding cardiovascular problems. So you should regularly consume the following foods: olive oil, legumes, vegetables, fruits, peppers, pasta.

According to experts in Mediterranean diets, 80% of these sexual problems are related to cardiovascular conditions, and erectile impotence is only a symptom. Cut down on red meats and focus on fruit and veg. This will improve and promote better blood flow to the penis.

Cut out cigarettes

You should know that men who smoke regularly (even if it is 1 tobacco a day), are exposed to ED. Upto 23% of men suffered from this problem because of cigarettes according to The University Of Madrid. 

Get moving!

It is no secret that practicing sports promotes blood circulation, and therefore will improve your performance in bed. Any sport is good to achieve this goal, except cycling, which can cause injury to the area. Get out, get moving! 

Herbal remedies?

Arginine, and ginseng are great complementary supplements for your diet. But there are other plants with impressive aphrodisiac powers, such as yohimbe, and ginkgo. Consuming these herbal products between 2 to 5 grams at night, or even an hour before having sex can greatly assist you. 

A healthy sexual lifestyle can be achieved, therefore, make simple life changes, be aware of the causes and work with your partner to overcome this issue. The power is in your hands. 

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